Urlacher doesn't care about the 4th Phase

brian urlacher rips into fans

When defending Lovie Smith, Urlacher said "Two of the people I don't care about: fans or media. They can say what they want to about our head coach, about our players...It does bother me. They don't know what they're talking about, obviously.''

When taking the quote into context, Urlacher was referring to those who want Smith fired. That's understandable because Urlacher is loyal to his coach and he should be. I think Smith's a good coach BUT there is no excuse for the team's fall from grace when they started the season 7-1. I can understand Urlacher's frustration when hearing boos at Soldier Field. No one wants to get booed.

I can understand Urlacher saying he doesn't care about the media... but the fans? To specifically call out fans? The fans who have virtually no say in what personnel decisions George McCaskey and Phil Emery make in the offseason? The fans who wear his jersey. The fans who consider him as the face of the franchise. The fans who vote him into the Pro Bowl. The fans who wait on the season ticket waiting list only to get 400 level seats. The fans who pays a 100 percent markup to go to a game.

As a season ticket holder, I make sacrifices to go to Bears games. I make sacrifices to come up with enough money to secure season tickets every year so I don't lose them. I make sacrifices to make sure my Bears gear is up-to-date. Just like everyone else, I want this team to win. I believe in this team. When the Bears don't win, I'm disappointed.

Fans help keep the doors open. Fans help pay for these players' ridiculous salaries. These players are privileged to play a game and earn a ridiculous amount of money. Money that most people will never see in a lifetime. These players have the god-given ability and talent to have fun playing a game for a living. Urlacher's statement is just another example of a player being so out of touch, just caring about himself and worried about getting his feelings hurt.

The 4th Phase has every right to boo. It doesn't mean they're bad fans. The 4th Phase is disappointed in the team's performance. The reason why they're so disappointed is because this team is built to win now. With all the talent on this team, there's no reason for the Bears to be in a position where they're fighting for their playoff lives. The 4th Phase makes sacrifices and want a good product. They paid for it. Losing five out of six is not a good product. This is not something we expect and not something we paid for.

While Urlacher doesn't care about the 4th Phase, maybe the feeling is mutual. Maybe it's time to just go.

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