In Defense of Jay Cutler... Again

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Last season, with the same offensive line, the Bears jumped out to a 7-3 starts and they looked like they were serious Super Bowl contenders. We all saw what happened when Jay Cutler went down.

The season before, we saw Cutler get sacked 52 times in the regular season only to get his toughness get questioned in the NFC Championship game.

In the past three seasons, he's been sacked 84 times in 27 games. Do the math... about 4 times a game. I'm not going to do the research but I can make a bet that it's probably the most in the league, if not at the very top.

Was it wrong for Cutler to get in Webb's face and shove him? Maybe not shove him, but I'm totally fine Cutler getting in Webb's face. Regardless, they're both grown men. They can handle it. It's not like Cutler shoved Webb, where he fell on his backside and it's not like they were fighting. Did Webb say anything back at Cutler? Did he have any reaction to Cutler staring him down and getting in his face? What we don't know is if he did or say anything. All we know is that Webb ran from Cutler and turned his back. Maybe if Webb said something like "my bad, I got you on the next drive" then things may have been different.

At the same time, how many sacks has Webb given up over the past couple seasons? Maybe it was about time Cutler said something to him. But the bigger picture here is that the game plan going into the Packers game was flawed... more on this if we continue to witness performances as pathetic as this.

Over the past week, we've heard an ex-player compare the situation to if Cutler shoved Webb on the street. Sorry but it's a wrong analogy to make because these guys are playing a game. Then we see a current player speak in public about what happened and who Cutler is. What ever happened to the "Patriot Way" Emery talked about in the offseason?

In the end, the only chance the Bears have at winning the Super Bowl is with Cutler. Everyone know this. Offensive lineman need to block to give Cutler, wide receivers need to get open and catch the ball and coaches need the right game plan to set up their players for success. Cutler will also have to make better decisions on the field. Against the Packers, the Bears were beaten by a good team and a better team that day. It happens and the Bears are not going to finish with a perfect season.

This Sunday can't come soon enough. On Monday, we'll have a new story to talk about.

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  • The last paragraph is correct. I'm already bored with this one, but that's all sports talk radio has for 10 days, thanks to the Thurs. game.

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    good article, but 84/27 is much closer to 3 than 4 sacks a game. do the math! 27*3=81

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