#4thPhase Recap: Bears defense carries the team to win over the Rams

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After the season opening win against the Colts, the 4th Phase got a glimpse of what the near future would look like. The win was supposed to mark a new era of Bears football that would be defined by a high powered offense led by Jay Cutler and newly acquired play making weapons. Then the Bears rolled into Lambeau Field against their oldest rivals, only to get decked and embarrassed in front of a national audience. This Sunday couldn't come soon enough. Although the Bears won against the Rams, it wasn't a pretty win nor did it ease the concerns of the 4th Phase.

If there's one thing to take away from this game, it's that the Bears defense will continue to carry this team. The high octane, scoreboard running offense can wait and will wait until they can prove that they can make plays consistently to help the team win games.

1st Phase

The offense was enimic anemic at best. They did however protect the ball relatively well, despite a pass intended for Brandon Marshall that bounced off his hands and into Cortland Finnegan's mitts just before halftime. The Bears held the ball for over 33 minutes and play calling was balanced throughout to keep the Rams defense honest. The reality is that the Bears will play more games like this than what we saw against the Colts.

2nd Phase

The defense continues to carry the team. The Rush Men registered 6 sacks and held the Rams offense to only 160 total yards -- Madden 13 numbers. The defensive line stayed fresh throughout the game. If each member of the unit can continue to contribute throughout the season, the Bears will continue to be dominant. Tim Jennings, "The Hawk", continues to play at an All Pro level and would be surprised if he doesn't win defensive player of the month.

3rd Phase

What more can you say about Robbie Gould. He's one of the best and most reliable in the league and so no worries, ever, there. Devin Hester seemed to be one missed tackle from taking it to the house. He is definitely feeling it and I think he'll break one soon.


@DrewMMitchell Well, I think it's safe to say #DaBears offense is an absolute train wreck. They look completely lost. #BearDown #4thPhase

@jeffwartman: LOL, Hester was about half a step from taking that one to the house #bears #STLvsCHI #beardown #4thphase #rams #football #nfl

@Sahra0586 #BearDown and Soldier Field are trending! Lets go Bears! #4thPhase

@Chibexar #Bears #4thPhase Replacement refs clearly can't tell the difference between offsides and encroachment.

During every game, use #4thPhase on Twitter and I'll use some of the tweets in a recap.


Bear Down!


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  • What kind of a crap article is this? First of all LEARN TO USE SPELL CHECKER!!! The offense was enimic??? What does "enimic" mean? Do you mean anaemic? Was this article written by a 2nd grader? And what game did you watch?? Cutler threw for 333 YARDS AND TWO TD'S...that isn't "enimic" in anybody's book. As you obviously know nothing about football, get a real job!

  • In reply to Comment Man:

    Sorry, I put in the stats from week one...I apologize. Cutler had 183 yards and no TD's today...he did struggle. Anyway, sorry for ranting about the wrong stats. Your site doesn't give the option of editing or deleting comments. You might want to add that.

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