Emery all about dynamic playmakers and winning championships

During the Bears interactive conference call with season ticket holders, there's one thing that's clear about Phil Emery. He has vision. Emery didn't divulge too much information about what positions or players they were targeting on draft day but he did make it clear that he was looking for dynamic playmaking players to help the team win championships.

You get that? Not A championship, as in single or one, championships with an S, plural or more than one. And not in a couple years, but now. To win now and to win multiple championships, Emery stressed the importance of evaluating talent currently on the roster, around the league, through free agency and through the draft ,365 days a year. Emery often referred to dynamic playmaking players, which he believes is the foundation to winning championships.

To compare, Jerry Angelo had vision too. He's goal was to improve the football team. Just by the way Emery talks, you can already hear the difference. Emery talks about winning championships and believes he has a process in place... building the roster with dynamic playmakers. He speaks with authority with a clear vision.

While some might think this is just lip service, think about what Lovie Smith has preached since being hired. He has mentioned and has repeated what his goals are: 1) Beat the Packers 2) Win the division 3) Win the Super Bowl. To accomplish these goals, the Bears need to succeed in all three phases if the game - offense, defense and special teams. He also tips his cap to us, the 4th Phase. I know there are some that don't like Smith, but he has been a successful coach in the league for a reason. People believe in him. Everyone has embraced his philosophy. I think people will believe in Emery.

Key takeaways from the conference call and what the writing on the wall is:

  • Matt Forte: Progress is being made with signing Forte to a long term deal. Emery believes this will end on a positive note. Emery realizes Forte is part of the equation to the Bears winning championships and identifies him as a dynamic playmaking player. 
  • Brandon Marshall: Emery will let the situation play itself out and will not get ahaead of the process. Emery knew about what happened recently and knew Marshall could possibly be suspended. Emery needs dynamic playmaking player. 
  • Amobi Okoye: Emery thinks Okoye is still figuring out where he wants to be. Emery doesn't think he'll be back with the team and will not get into a bidding war. 
  • Johnny Knox: Emery will allow Knox to decide when he's ready to come back. The injury is worse than everyone thought. Emery does realize that a tough decision may have to be made about Knox's future with the team. 
  • Gabe Carimi: Carimi is working hard to come back. Emery believes he's what they're looking for at as an offensive tackle. Bears will probably not spend a higher draft pick to select an offensive lineman. 
  • Lovie Smith: Emery believes in Smith, believes in his system and believes players that have played in his system play faster because they know their responsibilities. Nothing to read here. Emery does believe in Smith's system. 

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