Bears hire Emery as their new GM: Give him a chance

Bears hire Emery as their new GM: Give him a chance

For one, he's not Jerry Angelo.

Some fans may have wanted dramatic changes at the top but in all honesty, they should have expected this. As long as the McCaskeys own the team, dramatic changes will never come. Throughout the history of the franchise, the Bears have always hired familiar names and past employees who have moved on to pad their resume. This is the case with Phil Emery, the newly appointed general manager.

The disdain over the hire is two-fold. One, fans look at the Bears as a predictable franchise. They hire and promote from within or people who already have ties with the organization.

In the real world, isn't this usually the case? If there's a chance you can hire one of your old coworkers from a previous life or someone you've worked with closely within the organization that has the same values and is more than qualified, wouldn't you hire that person? Why is this concept so difficult for some?

Since the Bears do seem predictable, another reason why some fans don't like the Emery hire is they feel the team is too afraid to take risks. Usually risks are directly involved with finances in any organization.

While the Bears, as an organization are considered to be one of the most conservative in the league, they have opened the checkbook to improve the roster in recent years with Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers. This year, the Bears opened the checkbook to fire Jerry Angelo.

Obviously, the Bears hired Emery because of his ties with the team and his vision moving forward. There is no reason to believe the Bears won't take risks this offseason to to sign free agent talent that will help the team bring home their first Super Bowl in 26 years. Everyone knows how close the Bears were to being contenders last season. Their chances revolve around Cutler. The McCaskeys know this, Emery knows this, we all know this.

The real key to Emery's success will be his ability to find talent through the draft. If you take a look at his draft record, you may see some players you've never heard of, some that have had decent NFL careers and maybe a few standouts. If you look at the other candidates' draft records and other GMs across the league, you will most likely see more of the same mix, a little bit of everything. It's up to you to decide on how you perceive the how is well he's done in previous drafts.

Before fans start judging him, even before he's made his first personnel decision, let's see how he can build this team around Cutler and start planning to bring in new cornerstones for the defense.

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