Bears thank their fans. Fans expect more.

chicago bears 4th phase season tickets

There are plenty of reasons why I'm a Bears fan. I grew up watching Walter Payton, the 85 Bears, Da Coach. It's the most storied franchise in the league and maybe of all professional sports.

I like the colors -- navy blue and orange. Navy blue is a classy and distinguished color. It's not Carolina blue,  Hawaiian blue or even Cub blue. Those are soft colors.

They play in Soldier Field, a place built to celebrate our brave soldiers. Soldier Field is on the lakefront and the skyline serves as a backdrop for fans all over the world. I even like the new Soldier Field. I think it's design is unique and a work of art.

I like that the Bears play in the cold, in Bear weather. I can't imagine the Bears playing a home game under a roof.

The Bears even seem to be a fitting name for a professional football team in Chicago. Could you imagine... the Chicago Cardinals? They don't sound tough and the name itself doesn't match the personality of the team or the city.

I even like that the team doesn't have cheerleaders. I want to be able to bring my child to a Bears game and not have to ask questions about why these women are dancing like strippers, half-naked in 40 degree weather. I'd rather answer questions about what just happened on the field. Besides, it has nothing to do with the game.

I am a sucker for their marketing and advertising. Everything the Bears do, speaks to the heart and the soul of a Bears fan. Hard working, blue collar, tough just like the Bears themselves and everyone from Chicago. If you look at all the billboards, bus stops or posters in the trains around the city, the messaging is on point. As a marketer, I can appreciate their messaging.

Another thing I think the team and organization does well is listen to their fans. Simple gestures like this picture, from an email I received,  above goes a long way. We all want to feel appreciated and every opportunity the Bears get, they give thanks to the fans, the 4th Phase.

While this is a great gesture by the team, fans want more. This email doesn't cleanse the rotten taste in our mouths after this season's collapse.

Since  I think they do a great job of listening to fans, they know we're disappointed. They know what they need to get better in the offseason, don't they?

Just in case, for some reason, they're not listening...

PLEASE get Jay Cutler more options to throw to, maybe one of the top free agent wide receivers. Maybe they could draft a receiver with one of the four draft picks they have in the first three rounds.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, how about offensive line help to protect Cutler? Keeping Cutler off his butt, is a must. We saw this season, when Cutler goes down, so does the Bears chances at winning anything other than a coin toss.

Or maybe they could sign or draft a safety? A good one this time. A smart, heads up player that has enough speed to not get beat deep or someone who gets flagged for stupid penalties.

A defensive end opposite of Julius Peppers would help too. Someone who can consistently beat their blocker and get to the quarterback. Peppers can't do it all by himself all the time.

It's not like I don't like the players on the current roster but the Bears need to get better. Their depth chart was exposed and they need help. This team is not far away from contending and winning another Super Bowl. They just need to make a few roster adjustments and they'll be on their way.

Got that? I hope the Bears are listening.

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