Dear Martz, Stop Playing Scared on Offense

Dear Martz, Stop Playing Scared on Offense

After last week’s loss to Denver, there have been a lot of different headlines ranging from Marion Barber losing the game for the Bears to Tim Tebow officially being anointed as successor to the pope (maybe not, but he’s close). Though these were both integral parts of the game, no football game is won or lost in 1 quarter and Barber's mistakes would not have come into play if the Bears had taken care of business in the first 3 quarters.

An overprotective offensive game plan led to Bears fans holding their breath during the entire 4th quarter praying we made it out alive, this can’t be the case this week. This week the defensive game plan for beating Seattle is known, but if the Bears offense continues to play scared like they did last week, there won’t be much season left to cheer on.

First things first, while I am as nervous as the next Bears fan about Caleb Hanie at the helm, against this blog’s will we made the decision to not sign McNabb and thus if we are going to win with Hanie, Mike Martz needs to put more faith in him. Yes I said it. As much as I am nervous every time Caleb throws the ball, our 3 runs and done strategy will not put points on the board and we can’t rely on our defense/special teams to do it every week.

Why does Martz need to open of the offense for Hanie?

  1. Caleb loses confidence the more Martz keeps him out of the game plan
  2. Down the stretch we will need to get first downs and 3 predictable runs won’t cut it
  3. Caleb has shown signs of a QB in the past (Green Bay/Oakland), but he needs Martz to get him into a rhythm in order to succeed

Now, with that being said we shouldn’t start the run and gun, but there needs to be more quick pass plays or QB rollouts to allow Hanie to try and establish a rhythm(please please please leave TE screens out of the playbook Mike). At the end of last week’s game while everyone was cursing Barber’s name for his 2 bonehead plays, what everyone missed was if the Bears picked up 1 first down either of the 2 drives beforehand we aren’t even discussing this loss. Instead we are still in the playoffs and we are the team that ended Tebow’s winning streak.

So let’s shake off the last few weeks, regroup as an offense and get back to the grind of winning football. With the Bears on the brink of elimination, our defense will continue to be there, but we need our offense to stop playing scared and the 4th Phase support to be louder and better than ever.  For that to happen our offense/Martz needs to strap on a pair and we need to make some noise this week in Chicago to welcome Seattle to the Windy City!

Bear Down!


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  • well. he stopped playing scared. he called roll-outs to play to hanie's strengths and even let him throw it deep a couple times. problem is, hanie seems to stink and is able to screw up good play calling.

    that pick six he threw right into the lineman's chest? i don't even think todd collins makes that throw.

    who do you think they bring in to back up next year?

  • Good question, I think it depends who becomes available in free agency and/or they will draft a QB in the mid rounds to take over the backup role. Caleb played himself off this team and potentially out of the league these last few weeks. I don't think I've seen a worse half of football than he put together this past week.

    I think Caleb is just a head case. Every time he started to put a drive together he would somehow find a way shoot this team in the foot. Needless to say you can add him to the list that holds Henry Burris and Moses Moreno on it.

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