Can't Blame Anyone For The Bears Collapse

With the Bears now out of playoff picture, most want to point the blame. It's easy to blame Jerry Angelo for assembling the roster. It's easy to point the finger at Lovie Smith for his commitment to the Cover 2. How about Mike Martz and his offensive play calling during the five game slide? What about Roy Williams for not catching that "big brown thing" against the Chiefs... or Marion Barber and his mistakes versus the Broncos? While we're at it, why don't we just blame the McCaskey's?

While it's easy to point the blame at someone, we shouldn't. The Bears were struck with the injury bug and we should look no further than that.

Some want to compare the Bears injuries this season to the Packers injuries last season when they won the Super Bowl. You can't.

The Bears lost their two best offensive players, Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. Both combined for nearly all the offensive snaps. If the Packers lost Aaron Rodgers, there's no way they're making it to the Super Bowl and winning it. While the Packers lost Ryan Grant last season too, Grant was not as important to the Packers as Forte is with the Bears.

What about the Bears commitment to Caleb Hanie? Be honest with yourselves, if the Bears let Hanie walk last offseason, fans would've formed an Occupy Halas Hall movement before occupying anything was the thing to do for unhappy people to do. We were all impressed by Hanie's performance in the NFC Championship game. We all thought with a little more preparation he would be ready to go if Cutler were to ever go down. We were all surprised Hanie was that bad.

No matter what's said, Angelo will get the brunt of the blame. The Bears were 7-3 before Cutler went down. You can blame Angelo's draft picks in recent years that led to the collapse but the reality is the current roster that Angelo assembled had the Bears in line to earn a second consecutive playoff berth. It's also a roster with five Pro Bowlers and two alternates. Not matter what arguments you come up with solely blaming Angelo or anyone on the coaching staff, the collapse was attributed to the loss of one player.


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  • Whether there is blame or no blame, the problem is the same here as at the CTA or CTA Tattler, no accountability. If, in football, the problem comes down to the loss of one player, well, that is a problem that should have been foreseen by management, or Martz should have done more, both last year and this, to protect the one player from injury.

    I guess one also can't blame management at Indianapolis for their 2-13 record so far, but, in any event, Culter is no Peyton Manning (maybe Eli).

    I mentioned in Chicago Bears Huddle of 12/21/11 what happens when you have an organization where there is apparent authority to reup everyone without a searching review of their effectiveness, and I stand on that, regardless of your aversion of placing blame.

  • Thanks Jack...

    I get it... but I think everyone has to look no further than the back up quarterback play. No one thought Hanie would be that bad. If the Bears let him walk after the NFC Championship game, Bears fans would not have been happy and when he was resigned, we all thought that was a good move.

    I do think people in the organization wil be held accountable. I don't see Martz coming back and Hanie will not be resigned.

    Who else can you hold accountable? Angelo's not going anywhere, IMO, because 1} he's still under contract and 2} his personnel decisions weren't the reason for the collapse. It can't be Lovie because he always puts his team in a position to win. In the end, it's about players making the plays they need to make.

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    As far as who can be held accountable, go back to my post about what McCaskey the Current should do, as Rocky and Tom did.

    Again compare the Cubs. Rosenbloom said this morning on The SCORE that Phillips is a beancounter who hires the cheapest help. Rosie then said that he used to call Ricketts "fan boy" but no longer will do so, because he got the best person available in Epstein, and then gave Epstein the authority to run baseball operations. Rosie said that he would rather have had Andrew Friedman, but Ricketts did the right thing.

    Then yesterday's story was Lovie replying "How DARE you ask about Martz's future?" Pure corporate speak--out of the Forrest Claypool playbook.

    With regard to Hanie, it has been pointed out that they had 4 years to see what he had. Enderle has sat on the bench, so there is no indication to at least the public what they have in him, other than not enough to put him into a meaningless game. Are they going to wait 4 years and hope that Culter doesn't go down in that time? That's bad management.

    Accountability is not letting Hanie's and Martz's contracts expire. Accountability is a clean sweep from the top. As they say in the commercial for the beer aimed at little boys, "Man Up" Virginia's son.*

    Anything less is that you countenance (and I bet buy season tickets for) mediocrity.

    *Heck, that even sounds like the Bears' fight song, not "Take Nyquil, Lovie Smith..."

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