Bears still have a chance at the playoffs but need help

Bears still have a chance at the playoffs but need help

With the Bears now on the outside looking into the playoffs, there's still a chance they regain a playoff spot but not without help. The Bears don't necessarily need to win all of the three remaining games, although it would certainly help, but they do need a better record in the last three games than the Falcons and Lions.

Here's how the Bears could still make the playoffs:

Week 15

Bears vs. Seahawks -- The Bears need this game. They need to play mad in front of the 4th Phase. A loss will put the season on ice. This Seahawks team doesn't do anything special and their strengths play up to the teeth of the Bears defense.

Lions at the Raiders -- The Black Hole is a difficult place to play in. The Raiders are also playing for the division and with the Broncos playing against the Patriots in which they will be underdogs, this game means everything to them.

Falcons vs. Jaguars -- Playing at the Georgia Dome is also a tough place to play and the Falcons don't lose at home. I don't see how the Jaguars come out with a win but as we know, on "any given Sunday", any team can win.

Week 16

Bears at the Packers -- As optimistic as I usually am, I don't see how the Bears can beat the Packers without Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. For many of us, we could be going to sleep on Christmas Day angry Bears fans but it wouldn't be as bad if...

Lions lose to the Chargers -- Interestingly enough, the Chargers could still be in play for a division title. Philip Rivers and company have enough firepower to give the Lions fits. This is a winnable game for the Chargers.

Falcons lose to the Saints -- Aside from the Packers, the Saints are the best team in the league and are virtually unbeatable in the Mercedes Benz Dome.

Week 17

Bears at the Vikings -- The season could be determined in the final week of the season. If it is, and if Jay Cutler and Matt Forte aren't already back from their injuries, they'll be ready to play in this game and the Bears will win against the Vikings.

Lions at the Packers -- If the Bears lose to the Packers in week 16, the Packers will be going for a perfect season against the Lions in Lambeau Field. If the Bears can win against the Vikings, a perfect season means the Lions will be out of the playoffs. If somehow the Bears can beat the Packers in Week 16, this game might not mean as much to the Packers, however, a win against the Lions could keep them out of the playoffs.

Falcons vs. the Buccaneers -- The Falcons will win this game. The Bucs are terrible.

All is not lost. The Bears are still in it until they're not.

Bear Down!

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