Bears should claim McNabb

If he's available the Bears should put in a claim for Chicago native Donovan McNabb. There was a time, Pre-Jay Cutler, when I imagined McNabb coming back home when the Bears needed a quarterback and when rumors swirled about McNabb leaving the Eagles. McNabb had been unappreciated in Philadelphia for his entire career. I imagined McNabb joining the Bears and leading the beloved to a Super Bowl but that dream is a few years too late for both McNabb and the Bears.

You might say he's too old or or his skills have diminished or he's been terrible the past couple season. While this might be all true, he was brought in by both the Redskins and the Vikings to be THE guy.

McNabb was supposed to be the guy that made the offense click when he had nothing around him to work with. The talent-less roster and the combination of McNabb's stubbornness in thinking that he CAN be THE guy made for a lose-lose situation.

Sure, the Vikings have Adrian Peterson but it can be argued that in-game coaching decisions early in the season lead to the team's demise and the season was no longer salvageable.

After asking and being granted his release, McNabb could be available for the Bears. While some Bears fans might steer clear of the signing, I think the Bears should consider, even though they recently signed Josh McCown.

McCown has not thrown a pass in the NFL in couple seasons and was coaching high school football. There's a reason why he's been away from the pro game. Remember the last quarterback the Bears signed off the start, just because he knew Mike Martz's playbook? (Cough) Todd Collins.

If the Bears do sign McNabb, he wouldn't come in to be THE guy. Obviously, he would backup Caleb Hanie and if for some unfortunate reason Cutler can't return from his injury this season and Hanie gets hurt or struggles mightily in the playoffs, McNabb could step in after he learned the playbook.

I would much rather have McNabb backing up Hanie than McCown. Yes, McNabb is old and not as good as he used to be but he's proven - six Pro Bowls, 2004 NFC Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year, nine playoff appearances and the list goes on. What has McCown done? What has he accomplished?

If the Bears have any chance at winning the Super Bowl, McNabb gives the Bears a better chance than McCown. Period.

Bear Down.

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