Bears' Season Over: Potential Offseason Headlines

Is a recap of the game really needed here? The Bears go into Lambeau and get spanked against the Packers, their fourth straight loss to their oldest rivals.

With the Bears now officially eliminated from the post season, it's time to look at the upcoming offseason.

Does Mike Martz Stay Or Go? -- If he goes, Jay Cutler will have to learn yet another system which will probably be a bad thing. The Bears would need to find an offensive coordinator with a similar system to ease the transition.

Ex-C owboys Now Ex-Bears -- Roy Williams and Marion Barber are gone. They seemed to be good signings at the time but they didn't work out. Williams drop against the Chiefs and Barber's mistakes against the Broncos, helped kill and chance the Bears had at a playoff berth.

Build Team Around Cutler -- Jerry Angelo has spent his entire career as the general manager of the Bears building the defense. For once, he needs to build around Cutler.

The 2012 free agent market for wide receivers will be deep and the Bears will need to shop around.

If the Bears have a shot at a top offensive lineman, they need to make every effort to make an upgrade. No one's job on the offensive line should be safe.

I don't know if I believe in Josh McCown but if Martz is still here, so will McCown. I still think they should kick around the tires of a proven veteran quarterback for insurance.

Forte And Bears Will Get Something Done -- The Bears could very well franchise Matt Forte. Management has had their concerns with giving Forte huge money and they've been right in not doing so (e.g. Forte's injury, Adrian Peterson injured, Chris Johnson's slow start).

Before Forte went down, he lead the league in yards from scrimmage as an offensive player of year and/or MVP candidate. The Bears will take care of him but Forte will have to meet them half way and not be such the gambling type.

Secondary Concerns Should Be Primary -- Brandon Meriweather and Major Wright have been major disappointments. Craig Steltz and Chris Conte were solid but if there's a chance to bring in a proven safety with a lot of miles left, then the Bears need to consider. Zackary Bowman has showed nothing this season and I don't expect him to be back. In his place, Corey Graham should get a shot.


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  • agree on most points. disagree on a couple:

    - i believe barber will be given the option to come back. he's under contract next year for 1.9 million and he did do some good things for our short-yardage game. take away the two gaffes against the broncos and i think we'd say he performed well in his role.

    but he should still be behind bell on the depth chart.

    - i don't think wright was a major disappointment. motherfunker couldn't stay on the field for entire games, but when he was on the field he was playing a key role back there. so disappointment? yes. but major disappointment? not so much.

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