#4thPhase Tweets: Bears fumble away a victory and get Tebowed

#4thPhase Tweets: Bears fumble away a victory and get Tebowed

With the Bears losing to the Broncos and both the Lions and Falcons winning, they are now  outside of the playoff picture looking in. With a 10 point lead with five minutes left in regulation, the Bears were Tebowed.

1st Phase

When you look at the stat sheet and see the Bears rushed for 159 yards on 38 attempts, you would think the Bears won.

The offense, for the second straight week, was anemic as they were 2-15 on third down conversions and Caleb Hanie threw for only 115 yards and took four sacks.

Not to mention, Marion Barber's mental mistakes that gave the Broncos second chances. In the fourth quarter with two minutes left in the game, he failed to stay in bounds and on the ensuing Broncos drive they marched down the field to tie the game and send it to overtime.

With a chance to redeem himself in overtime, Barber's lost fumble, as the Bears were driving in Broncos territory, set up a Broncos game winning field goal.

I don't see how there isn't a discussion about Josh McCown entering the game next week if this incompetency continues. The Bears need to consider giving Khalid Bell the lion's share of the carries next week. Holding players accountable should not stop because Jay Cutler and Matt Forte are out.

2nd Phase

The defense bottled up the Broncos offense for nearly the entire game but it was evident on how gassed the unit was after being on the field for most of the fourth quarter. I'm not going to excuse the defense but with the offense didn't help by going 2-15 on third downs.

The bottom line is the defense couldn't get off the field when it counted the most.

3rd Phase

Out of eight forced punts, Devin Hester returned only two. Hester did have a 26 yard punt return that sparked the offense and resulted in a touchdown.

With the offense failing to generate any spark themselves, Hester needs to return the ball more often to give the Bears a chance. It seemed that Hester was fair catching too often with room to run.

4th Phase

@sobeditor Historians will long debate whether the #Bears were #Tebowed or whether Barber was teabagged. #Beardown #4thphase

@Wolvrne88 I feel sick - did that just happen? #Bears #4thPhase

@Almost_Home How the f*ck does the same player lose the same game TWICE?!? #BearDown #4thPhase #DABEARS #NFL #TebowTime



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  • Neither team was any good, and there wasn't anything to keep my interest until about 3:00 left in the 4th.

    At that point, I figured that the Lord was with Tebow, and maybe He is.

    The only hope is that Ed O'B had some inside info that whomever McCaskey is in charge now will clean house, but I'm not betting on it.

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