#4thPhase Tweets: Bears playoff chances are now on life support

#4thPhase Tweets: Bears playoff chances are now on life support

After a promising 7-3 start and with the offense rolling and Jay Cutler and Matt Forte playing at a Pro Bowl level, we were witnessing a Bears team that was capable of lighting up the scoreboard and ready to race towards a championship.

After Cutler went down, then Forte, the Bears have dropped four straight games to teams they should have beaten. We all thought the Bears could weather the storm and ride the defense and special teams to the playoffs.

Instead the offense has sputtered, the defense (although dominant) has not done enough and the special teams have looked far from special.

All anyone asked was for from Caleb Hanie was to get the Bears to finish at least 3-3 and they would find themselves in the playoffs. By then, we all hoped that Cutler would be back, ready to lead us to (at the very least) a rematch against the Packers for the conference title.

Instead of looking like a potential playoff team, the Bears have looked like the Indianapolis Colts. The difference is that the Colts will probably get the number one overall pick and the Bears seem destined to get a mid-round pick with the possibility of the well running dry of the most talented prospects.

Instead of writing a recap, I'm going to share what the 4th Phase is feeling after the Bears lost to the Seahawks in what could be the last home game of this season:

With Knox going down and playoffs now a long shot, Cutler & Forte need to shut it down until next year.#Bears #4thPhase

— Paul (@pdlopez)

@Jknox13 praying for a speedy recovery. We need you out there. #beardown#4thPhase#DaBears

— C. A. Romero (@crome8150)

Hanie SUCKS. #4thphase did I win best tweet during the game?

—Laker Steve(@Laker_Steve)

So apparently the Bears have closed up shop #fail#Bears#4thphase

— aloha_aguilar (@aloha_aguilar)

As depressed as most Bears fans are about this lost, the reality is that the Bears still have an outside chance at the playoffs. The Bears will have to beat the Packers and the Vikings while the Lions will have to lose both of their games and the Seahawks would have to lose one of their remaining two games.


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  • Unlike what the Bears did in a similar situation last year, the Packers will knock out the Bears and end your agony. Maybe the Packers lack motivation with regard to home team advantage because they beat the Saints in Week 1, but it is hard to beat the Pack with no qb, and very little coaching ability.

  • I agree. I don't see how the Bears are going to beat the Packers at this point. It's almost time to hang it up.

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    it was time to hang it up as soon as knox slipped and cutler played defensive hero. we didn't know it then, but we know it now. i mean, 2 pick sixes when the game is still in reach? that's a kick to the nuts if i've ever gotten one.

    but, on the plus side, we'll start next year with a healed carimi/williams/cutler and, hopefully, a healthy and re-signed forte. add in the big WR jerry is going to sign (if he knows what's good for him), the blocking TE we find who can actually block (forte's injury is spaeth's fault - i won't listen to otherwise), and we're looking good.

    as long as the injury bug doesn't bite again.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    If only Knox didn't slip. Ugh! I honestly thought the Bears could go at least 3-3. I did think they should've went after McNabb. He could've been ready vs. the Seahawks if they signed him when he was first available. So many could have's and would have's.

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    McNabb is garbage. He couldn't do jack in Washington with a whole off-season, and he did even less in Minnesota with an entire offseason AND an adrian peterson. I'm not saying Josh McCown was better. They're both garbagio.

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