Was Soldier Field's surface to blame for Cutler's injury?

Was Soldier Field's surface to blame for Cutler's injury?

What would've happened if Johnny Knox didn't slip on that slant route? Does Jay Cutler still throw an interception? Probably not.

Phil Simms pointed out that Knox was leaning which could have caused him to lose his footing. I'm not a wide receivers coach so I'm not going to dissect Knox's technique. Did Knox slip because he was leaning? Maybe.

I do know the Soldier Field turf does not have the reputation as being one of the playing surfaces in the NFL. I also know that it's not the first time Bears receivers or the secondary have slipped on this surface.

I've made a big stink about Soldier Field's sod in the past and the field looks to be in great shape but I don't trust it. If the field was indeed not in it's best condition, the Bears will need to make the switch to Field Turf. Losing Cutler for the regular season is a huge blow to the team's investment in him and in the franchise.

I know meatheads will say "playing on Field Turf is not Bears football". Were the 85 Bears not playing "Bears football" because they played on AstroTurf? Sorry, but that's not an argument for not wanting to play on Field Turf.

In reality, the playing surface probably did not play a role in Knox slipping that led to the interception, that led to Cutler's injury. I'm just as shocked as everyone and I'm just looking for something to blame.


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  • If nothing else, this could be used in a lecture on what is not proximate cause.

    Especially since many believe that Cutler hurt his thumb way earlier when he hit his thumb on some defender's helmet when throwing a dying duck pass.

    Besides that, Phil Sims said at the time that Knox slipped because he didn't plant his cleats.

    So, you expect us to accept a chain of causation with many breakable links?

  • Thanks for the comment Jack... no I don't expect anyone to accept a chain of causation. In my last paragraph, I do mention that the surface probably didn't have anything to do with Cutler's injury... and that I was just looking for something to blame.

    Football is football and injuries are part of the game.

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    YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT THE FIELD WAS TO BLAME, AMONG OTHERS! I keep hearing about how much better the blocking and receiving corps is lately, but they still leave a lot to be desired. It can be argued that both contributed Cutler's injury. He's still under too much pressure and receivers still can't run routes as evidence by Knox's inability break a route. We have Bennett - wowee! - but we could have had a beast like Vincent Jackson who was burning our secondary all night. The point is, Jerry Angelo and the Bears did not augment nor protect their investment. Factor in the horrible field and they become directly responsible for Cutler's injury. I still recall when Tommy Harris blew out his leg on that surface. I despise that organization.

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