Cutler's return is up in the air

Cutler's return is up in the air

Last season, Jay Cutler was sacked a career high 52 times. Despite being knocked around, Cutler has been durable and fortunate enough to have not been lost for the season. This season, before Cutler injured his thumb against the Chargers, he was playing at an All Pro level. Now, there's a possibility that he could be lost for the season.

Today he met with the press for the first time since going under the knife.

About when he expects to practice again:

"I don't know. We'll have to see week-by-week and just take some X-rays and some CT scans in the next few weeks and see if the bone's healing like it should be. I don't want to put a real number on it because I just don't know."

"The sooner the better. I'd like to play this week, but we're just going to go week-by-week and see how it feels, get some mobility back into it, get the swelling out of it and we'll see."

On the condition of his thumb:

"I don't know. Structurally, it's pretty sound. There are three screws and two pins in there, so it's not going to move. It's just a matter of that bone really healing and me feeling comfortable with it."

What was going on in his mind after the interception:

"I was [ticked] at Johnny about the pick and stuff, so coming off the sideline I didn't really know. I was more worried about talking to him—in a calm manner. After I settled down and went back out on the field, I knew that something was definitely wrong. I thought it was kind of serious, but I didn't really imagine I'd have to have surgery."

About his doctor:

"We talked to a lot of doctors around the country and I wanted to go with somebody that I felt comfortable with, has a lot of experience in dealing with this and has a really good track record. I spoke with some people in the NFL that I trust very dearly and Dr. Viola came very, very highly recommended by those people."

About sitting out:

"This is horrible. I don't like this. I don't like coming to meetings. I don't like watching practice. I don't like any of this. This is not what I signed up for. It's not anything I've ever been a part of, so it's definitely hard on me. The sooner I can get back out the better."

When should the 4th Phase expect, him to return:

"I'd want to play next week if they'd let me, but I don't think that's going to be in the cards. It could be I'm done for the season. I just have to be smart about it and realize that there is a long-term picture here, but at the same point I want to be out there and my teammates want me to be out there."

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