Urlacher Named In Forbes NFL's Most Liked Player List

brian urlacherForbes recently named the NFL's 10 most liked players from a recent E-Poll/Nielsen poll that scored  the highest in public appeal. According to the poll, Brian Urlacher was the 8th most liked. Here's the entire list:

Ndamukong Suh

Detroit Lions Appeal: 71%     A defensive lineman No. 1? Apparently a unique name and an ability to manhandle offensive lines, all for a team gaining national traction for its turnaround, go a long way.

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers Appeal: 67% Fans like the way Rodgers smoothly stepped in and excelled after taking over for the polarizing Brett Favre in 2008.Leading the Pack to a Super Bowl title last year took things to a whole new level.

Troy Polamalu

Pittsburgh Steelers Appeal: 64%   High energy player on a popular team, and of course everyone loves the hair.

Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints Appeal: 63%   Leading New Orleans to a post-Katrina Super Bowl title two years ago was a great story. Fans also see Brees as professional and modest.

Charles Woodson

Green Bay Packers Appeal: 62%     Longtime star defensive back sees his fortunes rise along with the Pack’s.

Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings Appeal: 62%   The man they call “All Day” for his tireless rushing and receiving workload every Sunday just re-upped with Minnesota for seven years and a possible $100 million. With over 6,000 yards in four-plus seasons, some think Peterson has the goods to challenge Emmitt Smith’s all time rushing mark of 18,355.

Sam Bradford

St. Louis Rams Appeal: 62%   The former Oklahoma Sooners QB, drafted first overall in 2010 (one spot ahead of Suh), helped improve the Rams to 7-9 from 1-15 the previous year. He and the club are off to a tougher start this year, though.

Brian Urlacher

Chicago Bears Appeal: 57%   Who doesn't love a tough linebacker playing for the Chicago Bears?  Urlacher is practically the definition of football.

LaDanian Tomlinson

New York Jets Appeal: 56%   A longtime star in San Diego, Tomlinson has gained popularity in New York as a steadying part-time veteran on a generallyyounger, brash team.

Peyton Manning

Indianapolis Colts Appeal: 54%   Imagine how appealing Manning would be if he spent more of his time on the field playing football and less of it playing chess with opposing defenses. Though of course the 0-5 Colts miss him terribly this year.

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  • why isn't tom brady on this list?

  • In reply to thirdmanhigh:

    Good question. Was thinking the same thing. Maybe he's too good for the list.

  • Urlacher is liked because he plays the position like it is supposed to be played. He is tough as nails but plays it clean. I am a Packer fan and I love the guy. He is the epitome of class in the NFL. I never worry about him taking the cheap shot on my QB. A great player and a really good guy.

  • In reply to RHO2784610:

    You are a better person than me... I hate Aaron Rodgers because he's a stud. I can't even say that I like him because he's playing lights out.

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