Cutler's Leadership Skills Are On Display

jay cutler
The Bears have played in front of a national audience for the past two weeks. This Sunday, they travel to London to play the Buccaneers and in front of a global audience.

While there is little doubt in Cutler's toughness or desire, some people still question his leadership and decision making skills. In the past two games, Cutler's leadership qualities have been on display this season and particularly in the past couple games and in front of a national audience.

Against the Lions, Cutler probably played his gutsiest game since coming over from the Broncos. He was constantly pressured out of the pocket and hit but still made plays down the field to keep the Bears in the game.

During the press conference after the game and during the week, Cutler acknowledged the offensive game plan will probably have to be adjusted to give him more protection and get the ball out of his hands a little quicker.

Against the Vikings, we saw a different game plan than what we were used to. The offensive line was often in max protection with a tight end helping out the tackles; instead of seven step drops, Cutler dropped back in five; and there were no or very little multiple formation shifts and motions.

The scheme was simplified for everyone and it was back to basics. The simplified approach didn't mean the playcalling was unimaginative but it did mean for a more efficient offense where everyone knew their roles and responsibilities.

During the game, in a play calling process, the cameras caught Cutler yelling to, presumably, Shane Day, Bears quarterback coach, to "tell (Mike) Martz to f--- him”. When Cutler addressed the press after the game, Cutler credited everyone for the game planning except for Martz.

Don't read too much into why Cutler was yelling at Martz. All we know is that during the heat of battle, this game stirs a lot of emotions.There are a lot of things said that wouldn’t be considered friendly or nice that aren't caught on camera. Regardless, as a leader in the locker room and on the field, Cutler is making his opinion be known and having an influence on what needs to be done to put the offense in it’s best position to win.

To become a leader, someone needs to step and up and challenge direction when it needs to be challenged. At 3-3 and two games behind two teams in the same division, the Bears are on the outside looking into the playoffs. Cutler will have to continue to lead the Bears if they have any shot at making the playoffs.

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