The Most Incredible Play That Didn't Count

Aaron Rodgers called the Devin Hester/Johnny Knox fake punt return "the most incredible play" he's ever seen. It was a work of art and drawn up by special teams coach, Dave Toub. If it hadn't been for Corey Graham's holding call that nullified the play, it would've have brought the Bears within one score with :51 left in the game against the Packers.

Who knows what could have happened if the play stood? The Bears would have had to still recover an onside kick; Jay Cutler would have had to connect on a couple passes to get into field goal positions; Robbie Gould would've have had to been clutch with time running out to send the game into overtime. Regardless, there are too many shouldas, wouldas, couldas. The Bears should have played well from the opening whistle.

The question is... will we ever see this play ever again? Probably not and it's a shame. What it does do is that it forces opposing teams to expect the unexpected when facing the Bears' 3rd Phase.


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  • Watch the video. The holding IS there. At 1:00 you can see Bears #35 (Bowman) holding Packers #22 (Lee). Ref called it on the wrong player, but the hold is there. As Hester was faking the catch, Bowman is pushing Lee back from the 20 to the 10 and has a 2 hands full of jersey. Even tho is 30 yards away from the play, it is still holding.

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    In reply to ChgoD:

    It may be an iffy call, but Graham should NEVER be holding there. NEVER! I'm sure the special teams coach put a priority emphasis on the direction, "DON'T GET PENALIZED! DON'T HOLD! DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!"

    And Corey Graham just decided, "hey, I need to block and hold this guy 30 yards from the ball."


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    First off, #35 should be released from the team immediately for holding a player 35 yards away from Johnny Knox. Corey Graham, what the &%$#*@#$ are you doing? Secondly, can that weasel Jack Buck, the effeminat, lifeless drone of a man be any less exciting during one of the most creative return plays ever on FOX? My God, the guy must either be intensely biase against Chicago or simply has NO personality whatsoever. Maybe he's clinically depressed with life in general. That play worked flawlessly and was amazing! He never broke his drone-tone. Lastly, the Bears still had to pull off a successful on-side kickoff AFTER this working just to have a chance to score again and TIE. The damage was done already and the bottom line was trickery is no replacement for physical football. The Bears threw in the flag and gave up early in this game. Since Lovie is also a mope without emotion, the Bears never get fired up in big games. Martz still was pass-happy a week after he said he would change. Nope. Same old boring Bears. Jerry Angelo must go, too.

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    Hey Corey Graham, IT'S A FAIR CATCH FAKE! Why are you still blocking?!!!!!! The Packer won't be tackling Hester because HE won't be catching the ball. Next time, LISTEN in the meeting and use that pea-brain of yours when it counts. WHY ARE YOU STILL BLOCKING DURING A FAIR CATCH (fake)? WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Actually the hold occurs 3 seconds into the play. Corey Graham reaches out and grabs the gunner as he is running by him. It is in the upper left hand corner of the screen, right when the punter kicks the ball. The flag was thrown almost instantly. Stupid mistake by Graham.

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