Bears need to build team around Cutler

Since the beginning of football time, the Bears have been defined by a strong running game and an intimidating defense. This organizational philosophy has worked through the 1980's but it doesn't work anymore.

After losing to the Packers for the third straight time in the past nine months, it's apparent the Bears are lacking an identity that relates to the modern era.

Do they still have a strong running game? Who knows. Mike Martz doesn't commit to the run and the offensive line is suspect.

What about our defense? Sure the 2nd Phase is pretty good but no one really respects it. Teams, analysts and "experts" aren't enamored with the Cover 2. The Bears don't have the intimidation factor that the Ravens or Steelers have, although Lovie Smith's Cover 2 scheme has been just as effective.

The NFL is a passing league and quarterbacks are the centerpiece of any franchise looking to be the next Super Bowl champion. Rosters are built around them first.

Over the past couple years, since Jerry Angelo traded for Jay Cutler, many of us believed that the Bears have finally got their franchise quarterback. A quarterback that will shatter all of the team's records and lead the Bears to the promised land.

While Cutler has elite level talent, the Bears haven't built this team around Cutler. As we all know, the Bears have signed Julius Peppers and traded for Chris Harris and Brandon Meriweather. All three are impact players who can play at an elite level.

This year, the Bears signed Roy Williams, who could be past his prime; Marion Barber, who may have too many miles and hasn't been active in the first three games; and Matt Spaeth, not exactly a playmaker.

While, I applaud all of the recent moves made by Angelo, more has to be done to improve the offense before Cutler becomes too shell-shocked of a player and no longer effective. Against the Packers he was seeing blitzes and feeling pressure that was not there. He is clearly spooked because of all the hits he's taken over the past three seasons. As a result, he didn't play well as he was inaccurate on a hand full of throws. Cutler has been sacked 101 times since he joined the Bears. In his first three seasons with the Broncos, he was sacked 51 times.

The Bears need to invest their early draft picks on the offensive line and potential playmakers on offense and do the same in free agency. Angelo has spent his high draft picks on defensive players that haven't worked out, why not for once, since we have a franchise quarterback now, take gambles on offense.

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