#4thPhase Tweets: Packers outclass the Bears in all three phases

roy williams drop
This game started out very much like the NFC Championship game as the Packers marched down the field and scored a touchdown on their first drive as Aaron Rodgers picked the Bears' Cover 2 apart. Not much came out of this game in what was supposed to be part of the revenge campaign against the Bears' most hated rivals. Instead of moving to improve morale from the loss back in January, the game opened old wounds. This loss was the third straight loss to the Packers... in this calender year.

1st Phase

The offense never really got things going. For the most part, the offensive line protected Cutler as he was never in real danger. Sure Cutler misfired on some of his passes but the wide receivers didn't help the cause either.

The "number one", Roy Williams, failed to register a catch and dropped a sure touchdown on a slant. Williams was brought in because he knows this offense but has yet to develop a rapport with Cutler and this game set him back as he was sparingly used during the game. Johnny Knox, let a ball hit his face mask to keep a drive alive. Devin  Hester was charged with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to push the Bears' drive backwards in the fourth quarter when the offense was trying to get something going.

Not to mention, the play calling was suspect as Mike Martz dialed up only nine rushing plays. Matt Forte, again, led the Bears in receptions. While Forte keeps racking up receptions, this paints a bigger picture of the wide receivers not being able to make plays downfield as they were either dropping balls or not finishing their routes.

2nd Phase

The defense did a poor job in pressuring Aaron Rodgers as they let him pick apart the Bears zone. Rodgers finished the game 28 for 38 with 3 touchdowns. If it weren't for another spectacular diving interception by Brian Urlacher, Rodgers would've pitched a perfect game.

Jermichael Finley is a tough cover for any defense, especially for a defensive backfield already thin due to  injuries. Give credit to the Packers' wide receivers as they made plays when they had to. The Bears defense rides on the pressure the front four can get and they didn't get the job done.

3rd Phase

Corey Graham's hold on the would-be punt return touchdown by Johnny Knox on the Devin Hester fake, eliminated any chance of a miracle comeback.

4th Phase

Needless to say Bears fans are not happy. The 4th Phase is not happy with the play calling and the lack of execution. We know the coaching staff will have to right the ship or this season could head south quickly.

@bearsfan80 #Bears did not deserve to win that game. Need to fix running game and move on. #4thphase

@DrewMMitchell Will somebody please #FireMikeMartz & #FireJerryAngelo? That'd be great. Thanks. #DaBears #BearDown #4thPhase

@homebrewer1963 Tim Barrett Roy Williams - MIA. #4thPhase

@sobeditor So, here's what we know: The #Falcons game was a fluke, these #Bears are just not that good. #beardown #4thphase

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