Bears Rated 85 In Madden NFL 12

Bears Packers Madden 12

The ever-so-coveted ratings in this year's edition of Madden were released earlier this week.

According to EA, the Bears are rated 85. By comparison to our arch-rivals, the Packers are rated 92, the highest in the game. At the end of last season, the Bears were rated 88.

The current roster is out-dated as the recent roster additions in this year's offseason are not included in the roster.


- Jay Cutler's arm strength is 98.

- Johnny Knox's speed is 97; Devin Hester's is 98. A couple years ago, Hester's speed was rated 100 - the first ever 100 in Madden history.

- Matt Forte's rating is 91 and has a 99 stamina.

- Julius Peppers is rated 95 overall with an 85 speed.

- Brian Urlacher is rated 94 overall with an 84 speed; Lance Briggs is rated 93.

- The Bears'  highest rated offensive line is Chris Williams at 84. Everyone else is rated in the 70s.

Quick Analysis

The ratings, as always, are pretty spot on. The Bears have speedy receivers and if the OL can protect Cutler, you'll be able to do throw the ball down field and get chunks of yards.

The problem with the Bears wide receivers in the game is that they don't shake off the bump-and-run well. Hopefully with the addition of Roy Williams, he can win the one-on-one match ups. Regardless, you are going to have to give the pill to Forte to mix it up on offense.

In this year's game, Forte has a 99 stamina so you don't have to spell him, unless your in need of a couple yards in third and short or goal line situations. Forte gives you an added dimension as he catches the ball well out of the backfield and is a good runner between the tackles.

The defense seems to be top-notched. If you can control Peppers, he can get generate a rush every single snap.

Want a game?

Find me on PS3, BearsSTH. I only play with the Bears so you are going to have to pick another team.

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