National media provided the fuel to damage Jay Cutler's image

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Cyber bulling is usually a concern for kids in grade school and high school. It can be mean and cruel because it is so easy to rip on someone through Facebook or Twitter. When these types of messages catch on, it's even easier to jump on the bandwagon. This pack mentality can spread like wild fire and can damage someone's reputation.

In the "old days", if you didn't like someone or had something to say, you would pass notes in class, as an easy way out, but eventually you know you would have to face the music. You were always held responsible for what you said. Not anymore.

In this day and age of modern media, you can still voice your opinion and avoid the confrontation by hiding behind your Facebook and Twitter profile. We're all guilty of it. Some more so than others.


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We saw this over the weekend as Jay Cutler was the recipient of
uninformed, ignorant and callous comments Facebook and Twitters comments
because he had to leave the game because of injury. I'm not calling
this cyber bullying by any means but the comments and opinions were
based off an already biased opinion of Cutler by the national media. The
country's perception was magnified to the highest degree as this wasn't
a regular season game, it was for the right to go to the Super Bowl.
The amount of ignorance by status updates and tweets were irresponsible.
Something I would expect from a kid in junior high.

In an emotionally charged day, fans were on edge. To see their
quarterback leave the game without understanding the severity of his
them caused them to make their own judgments. Their judgments were based
on the perception they've had of him ever since he arrived in Chicago
after he unceremoniously left Denver.  

Sure Cutler whined and pouted about wanting to leave the Broncos because
he didn't want to play for Josh McDaniels. He didn't want to play for
him because he knew that McDaniels didn't know what he was doing. Cutler
was right. McDaniels didn't know what he was doing and he was fired,
not even 2 years in his tenure.

After the debacle in Denver, the national media has teed off on Cutler
and blamed him for the rift. He was often the subject of criticism on
his mechanics, his sideline demeanor, the way he handles the press, the
on field gesturing. The situation in Denver added another layer and the
national media, the NFL Network and ESPN has not let up ever since. In
fact, it's probably gotten worse since Chicago is a bigger market and
the Bears have been in the national spotlight.

The constant bashing from the national media has fueled this perception.
The same critics and the growing number of critics were ready to pounce
on Cutler when they saw an opportunity. That opportunity came when he
left Sunday's game.

Where do you think this perception came from? ESPN, Yahoo Sports, FOX,
CBS, NFL Network, etc. have helped shaped everyone's perception of Jay
Cutler.  Journalists, bloggers, and fans usually learn from what the
national media reports on in the NFL. The problem here is that they
don't know the Bears, they aren't here in Chicago every day. They don't
cover the team. They have no idea who Cutler is.

What's even more troubling here is that players got on the bandwagon of
lashing out to Cutler. Do you think they follow news about the Bears?
No. Their opinions are based on what's produced by the national media.
If anyone should know not to criticize another player for not being
tough and for calling someone a quitter, it should be them. Fans of the
NFL followed their lead this weekend in bashing Cutler. It's upsetting
to see Bears fans, join in on the ignorant rants behind their social
media account. Bears fans should know better.

If you're looking for reliable Bears coverage, follow the lead of the
Bears beat reporters. With Chicago being a sports town that loves the
Bears, you get the professionalism of informed journalists NOT
opinionated reports from 30,00 feet in the air. Our Bears beat
reporters do a fantastic job of covering the stories that matter. They
have to because this is a big market with rabid fans who want

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