Don't like Jay Cutler's attitude? Who cares!

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So much talk has been made about Jay Cutler's attitude. Seriously... who cares! Everyone rips on the guy because they don't like his facial expressions on the field or his body language after he throws an interceptions. Big deal! How is he supposed to act on the field or on the sidelines when he makes a mistake? Smile and laugh, like Cardinals' quarterback Derek Anderson? If people over-reacted about Anderson, they will most certainly give Cutler ten times the grief.

Obviously Rick Reilly cares enough to waste his time to write a pointless column on about Cutler not being a likable guy. You know Reilly as the guy who hates Michael Jordan.

All we, as fans care about, are wins. Chicago wants a winner. Chicago wants a quarterback and Cutler has the opportunity to be the greatest quarterback in Bears history.

Sure Cutler could own Chicago. He could be all over billboards, newspaper ads and TV. He doesn't seem interested in that and that doesn't bother me one bit. I would rather have him concentrate on football and bring home a Super Bowl trophy.

All that really matters is whether or not he's respected by his teammates and coaches and he is. He is a captain, isn't he? If he's such a polarizing figure in the locker room, then he wouldn't be a captain.

It's not like this guy ran a dog fighting ring, attacked women, is a belligerent drunk that gets in trouble with the law. He doesn't take steroids. He doesn't have several baby mommas and doesn't pay child support. He doesn't get into fights at clubs. He doesn't illegally carry around a concealed weapon. He doesn't throw his teammates or coaches under the bus.

To shut everyone up, he needs to win and he has the best chance to do so now. He probably doesn't care what other people think of him and he shouldn't. The comments about him on all the national football shows and articles written about him probably doesn't bother him and he probably doesn't use this as extra motivation to win.

When he does win, attitudes across the nation probably won't change either.

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  • Yeah, I don't blame Cutler for not opening up to Rick Reilly. Who would want to. Still, as a fan I would like to hear more from him. With that in mind, I created a blog of things I'd like to imagine him saying. Check it out at

  • I know it's far from the most important things the bears need to do on sunday, but has anyone else thought of how cool it would be if they wore their throwback jerseys?

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