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Audio of John Madden's comments about Jay Cutler

If anyone’s opinion on football counts, it’s John Madden’s. The Hall of Fame coach joined Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of Sirius NFL Radio to weigh in on the criticism about Jay Cutler. This is a must-listen-to for all football fans and Madden players alike. Thanks to Bears fan, @TomChomicz, for providing the link! Follow... Read more »

Damage is done. What does Jay Cutler do now?

It’s been quite a week for Jay Cutler. He gets injured and leaves the NFC Championship game against the Packers, in what many considered the most anticipated sporting event in Chicago’s history. DURING the game he gets blasted by his peers on Twitter for not being tough enough, gets ripped on by fans for quitting... Read more »

Video evidence of how tough Jay Cutler really is

The national media has shaped how players and fans have perceived Jay Cutler to be. It’s really unfortunate to see what has happened over the past couple of days. It’s character assassination. As a die-hard Bears fans, it upsets me when so-called Bears “fans” allow themselves to be influenced by popular opinion when (if you... Read more »

National media provided the fuel to damage Jay Cutler's image

(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images) Cyber bulling is usually a concern for kids in grade school and high school. It can be mean and cruel because it is so easy to rip on someone through Facebook or Twitter. When these types of messages catch on, it’s even easier to jump on the bandwagon. This pack mentality can... Read more »

Fans reaction to Cutler should be in question... not Cutler's toughness

A Bears “fan” burning a Cutler jersey. Its pretty ridiculous how some fans can just turn on players when a week before they were feeling high and mighty about that same player. No Bears player has gotten more heat than Jay Cutler. He’s criticized for his lack of leadership skills, his mechanics, the fact that... Read more »

Bears-Packers: The Biggest Chicago Sports Event Ever

I haven’t been able to write a post about the Bears-Packers game all week because I’ve been worked up. I’m caught in the emotion and intensity of the rivalry. Sunday’s game will not disappoint. The teams know each other too well. Expect a tough, physical, almost painful to watch game.  I grew up on watching... Read more »

Don't like Jay Cutler's attitude? Who cares!

So much talk has been made about Jay Cutler’s attitude. Seriously… who cares! Everyone rips on the guy because they don’t like his facial expressions on the field or his body language after he throws an interceptions. Big deal! How is he supposed to act on the field or on the sidelines when he makes... Read more »

Vegas odds on the Bears making it to the Super Bowl

According to Vegas, the Bears have the second best shot in the NFC to make the Super Bowl. According to betting guide website, those placing bets on the season’s final outcome have given New England a 35% chance of winning it all. That’s nearly equal to the odds for the next three contenders–the Atlanta... Read more »

Bears D will be ready for Marshawn Lynch

This is truly and amazing run. What makes this an even more amazing run by Marshawn Lynch was that it was in a playoff game at a time in the game when all the Saints needed was a stop for a shot to march down the field for a game winning score. This is not... Read more »

Bears will get their revenge against the Seahawks

Thanks to the Packers, the Bears get their revenge against the Seahawks. The Bears shouldn’t have lost that game but they did and it’s payback time. Against the Seahawks, the Bears called 12 rushing plays and Cutler threw 39 times. They were 0-12 on third down. The defense didn’t fare any better as they failed... Read more »
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