Crown'em NFC North Champs this weekend!

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It's a wrap folks! The Bears will become NFC North champs after this weekend. Plenty of skeptics predicted the Bears would finish 3rd in the North and maybe below the Lions. With this... Yes, on behalf of those who believed, I will go ahead and say, "I told you so". 

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The Bears will face the Vikings this Monday Night without Brett Favre,
who has a bum shoulder, and second string quarterback, Tavaris Jackson,
who was placed on IR. The Vikings will start, rookie third string
quarterback, Joe Webb.

It's not the Bears fault that Favre came back for another season, when he shouldn't have. It's also not the Bears fault the Vikings neglected a contingency plan for when Favre actually retires.

The Vikings now might not even play in front of their home crowd. TCF Bank Field, the home University of Minnesota Gophers, is not equipped to play in extreme cold. There is a chance the game might be played in Indianapolis or Atlanta. Either way the Vikings are screwed. Bears fans travel well, all over the country. There will be more Bears fans than Vikings fans no matter where they play.

If the Bears and Vikings do play in Minnesota, the game will be played in the elements, more suited for the Bears as opposed to the Vikings as they are used to playing in a controlled environment.

I will always dispute those who dispel the notion of "Bear Weather". It DOES have an affect for dome and warm weather teams. It doesn't have an effect if two cold weather teams are playing each other. Last week against the Patriots, the Bears didn't have an answer for anything the Patriots did.


In the meantime, with Aaron Rodgers being concussed for the second time
this season, the Packers will start Matt Flynn at New England. We all
saw how the Patriots rolled on the Bears. They're going to do the same
to the Packers at home. Rodgers would've given them a fighting chance.

It's not the Bears fault the Packers have been decimated with injuries. It's also not their fault the Packers don't have a competent back quarterback or number 2 running back to shoulder the load.

With a Packer loss and a Bears win, the Bears will clinch the NFC North
and a berth in the playoffs.

While many say that the Bears are lucky, you're wrong. Injuries are a
part of other game. Luck is when a sudden gust of wind swirls through
the stadium when a kicker tries to hit a game winner and misses. Luck is
when your franchise quarterback slips on ice when he's walking to his
car and tears an ACL.

The Bears have been taking care of teams when they've had to and they've
been healthy doing so. 


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  • While many say that the Bears are lucky, you're wrong rofl if it wasn't for two bad calls by the refs against the lions the bears wouldn't even be in the hunt.

  • Also i love how Chicago teams always say there going to win before the final game of the season and they miss making the playoffs

  • In reply to fallen:

    If it weren't for 2 blown calls in the Redskins and Seahawks game, the Bears would be 11-2. The Lions had no business "winning" either game. They're a horrible team and the Bears outplayed them twice.

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    Ya really consider the fact that guy caught the ball in the endzone. which would have should have been a touchdown. Then let's not forget the forearm to the back of cutlers head that was a shove.

  • In reply to fallen:

    Your comment doesn't make sense. The Bears are in the driver's seat.

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    That maybe but according to this article the bears have won the nfc north without even playing the vikings.

  • In reply to fallen:

    Yup. Do you actually think the Bears are going to lose against the Vikings and a 3rd string quarterback? How about the Packers beating the Patriots at Foxboro without Aaron Rodgers? So yeah, the Bears are clinching this weekend. Make your case for the Bears not clinching...

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    It's possible especially if you get we can't beat attitude besides that i have feeling it's going to be the falcons and patriots in the superbowl unless someone can upset the falcons at home.

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