Bears win their 5th straight - hold the asterisk

Ndamukong Suh Jay Cutler.jpg

This season, it seems that people who follow the team want to asterisk every win the Bears tally up. This game was no different. This time people will point to the Ndamukong Suh's unnecessary roughness penalty on Jay Cutler. 

What looked like a forearm to the back of the head was actually shove from behind. Suh was flagged because it was a non-football move. If it was or wasn't a football move can be debatable.

I will argue that it wasn't a football move because it was a shove from behind. Wouldn't it be a football move if he just tackled him? Suh's intent was to physically harm Cutler. Knowing that he had an angle on Cutler, Suh must have known that if he pushed Cutler he would have violently hit the ground. I know it was in the heat of the battle but the football move would've been for Suh to tackle him.

At the time, it did look like Suh gave Cutler a forearm and given his reputation of being a dirty player, he was certainly going to be penalized.

Shortly after the penalty, the Bears scored the go ahead touchdown. Whether or not the Bears benefitted from the penalty wouldn't have mattered. The Bears were going to score on the drive regardless.

The Bears did everything they had to do to win the game...

1st Phase
- They converted 5 of 9 on third down conversions.
- Cutler completed 21 of 26 of his passes and had a 117.0 QB rating.
- 23 running plays were called, holding true to a balanced approach on offense.

2nd Phase
- The defense held the Lions to 49 yards on offense in the second half.
- Sacked Drew Stanton 3 times.

3rd Phase
- Devin Hester had a 30 yard punt return and almost broke history.  
- Robbie Gould kicked a career long 54 yard field goal.

4th Phase
- @the_chicago_fan 5 in a row #Bears. 5 in a row. lets make tht 6 nxt week. we gotta win this division. lets go undefeated rest of season. #BearDown #4thPhase

- @franze98 Da bears go to 9-3 #4thphase another complete victory against a better than their record shows lions

- @sobeditor A win is a win, but need to look prepared & cohesive at this point in the season. Can't let a 2-9, 3rd-QB look OK #Bears #Beardown #4thphase

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