Rex Grossman comes back to Chicago


I was always a Rex Grossman fan. He was supposed to be the one that stopped the trend of mediocre journey men quarterbacks and busts, lead the franchise to the Promised Land and become the next legendary athlete from Chicago.  

Unfortunately, Grossman was injured early and often and never really established himself. When he was healthy, he was caught in a quarterback controversy with the unspectacular game manager, Kyle Orton. There was nothing wrong with how Orton played, he was just like other game managers before him like Jim Miller and Chris Chandler. 

With Grossman, he had the big play potential - the long bombs and the gun slinger mentality. He had the flair for the dramatic. He was the future. With the Bears "off the bus running" mentality, a ferocious defense and Grossman's big play ability, they were going to be a dangerous team for many years to come.

Then came the 05-06 season, after Grossman survived the preseason, he lit up the league behind a consistent running game lead by Thomas Jones, an opportunistic Bears defense we all grew up to love and the emergence of the future GOAT - Devin Hester.

With all the "pieces in place", 05-06 was supposed to be the year Grossman stepped up to become one of the elite quarterbacks in the league.

Grossman was supposed to be the next NFC North quarterback to own his rivals, the same way Brett Favre owned everyone else.

That season, we saw the very best of Grossman and the very worst from him too. Unfortunately, the very worst haunted him as Bears fans didn't let it go and Grossman couldn't shake the misfortunes and bad play. Grossman was eventually, literally, booed out of town.

Quite honestly, Grossman did have comparable numbers to Jay Cutler's last season but Cutler wasn't even closely vilified as Grossman was. Grossman did however benefit from a better all-around team.

It just came to a point where Grossman had to leave Chicago to avoid the persecution of the fans and Chicago media.

Since leaving the Bears, he had a short stint with the Texans and rumored to be headed to the UFL before signing with the visiting Redskins. Grossman has a decent shot at playing as Donovan McNabb is a little older and is now a little more injury prone. When he does, I wouldn't be surprised if he is somewhat successful under Mike Shanahan.


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