National media already writing off the Bears

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Just when I start slowing down on taking gulps of the Bears Kool Aid from my Monsters of the Midway cup, my optimism about the team kicks into high gear when I read overly critical posts about the Bears.

I've been paying attention to Adam Schein and his criticism of the Bears. Coming into the season, he's been particularly harsh on everything the Bears have done and never gives the team any credit.

First off, last time I checked, the Bears were in first place in the North and share the top spot in the NFC. Teams are judged by what their record is.

Second, I'm going to break down bits and pieces of his column just like he probably watches and hears bits and pieces of Bears games.

The Lions game was a gift.

Right. The Bears gift wrapped the game but the Lions couldn't capitalize on the Bears' mistakes. Sure the Bears might have not deserved to win but did the Lions deserve to win? No, I don't think so. The Bears defense dominated a potent offense. 

Dallas outplayed them.

I don't think he watched the game. He probably only looked at the box score. The Bears consistently pressured Tony Romo, shut down their receivers and running backs and made in-game adjustments to beat the Cowboys in their home stadium. 

Carolina picked off Todd Collins four times.

It was Todd Collins. Did anyone expect Collins to do anything in this game? His 4 interceptions are irrelevant to a Bears win. The Bears also rushed for 218 yards, the most in nearly two decades.

The game plan and execution against the Giants was pathetic and got Jay Cutler sacked 10 times, forcing him to miss the Carolina game after being knocked silly.

Ahem... Cutler was sacked 9 times not 10 times.

You run for 218 yards against the Panthers. Your quarterback missed a
game with a concussion. And Mike Martz calls exactly 12 run plays
against a beatable defense. This is a fireable offense. This is why
Martz should've never been hired in the first place. This is why the
Chicago Bears genuinely miss axed offensive coordinator Ron Turner. Any
rational Bears fan would agree.

Stein is right in criticizing Martz but he is dead wrong when he says "the Chicago Bears genuinely miss axed offensive coordinator Ron Turner. Any rational Bears fan would agree."

I would much rather have Martz than Turner. Stein, you must have not watched much Bears football over the past couple years. Don't speak on behalf of Bears fans, especially if you don't know what you're talking about. You don't know what we're thinking and I can promise you most don't agree with your "any rational Bears fan would agree" line.

I'm not denying the Bears don't have problems on the offensive line and Martz's play calling will give a perfectly healthy man an ulcer but this doesn't mean the Bears can't adjust and they don't have the talent to win ball games.

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