Martz has officially gone rogue

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Before another Bears fan jumps off the deep end, keep in mind that the Bears are still atop the NFC North and tied for the NFC lead. There are 10 games left in the season and essentially have a 2 game lead in the North.

This game was certainly within reach, even though the Bears did not come to play. If it were not for the "phantom" holding call on Rod Wilson during Danieal Manning's kickoff return that went for a touchdown, the Bears would be 5-1.

When you look at the schedule, this was a game that everyone circled as an automatic win. These are games good teams are supposed to win. The Bears did not play the Seahawks like they were a good team.

Am I having a change of heart when it comes to how good I think this
team is? No, but at the beginning of the season, I thought there may be
growing pains with a new offensive system and mostly inexperienced and
unproven offensive line. What's most disturbing about this loss against
the Seahawks is that Mike Martz has officially gone rogue.

Here is a percentage breakdown of passing plays compared to running plays:

Team - Pass - Run - Percentage of Pass
Lions - 40 - 26 - 62%
Cowboys - 36 - 14 - 72%
Packers - 30 - 16 - 65%
Giants - 26 - 16 - 62%
Panthers - 19 - 41 - 32%
Seahawks - 41 - 12 - 77%

For the season, 61% of the plays called have been passing plays. Teams
are preparing themselves to blitz and defend the pass.

Because the Bears are passing so frequently, they are holding on to the
ball less and not giving the defense time to rest. The Bears rank 26th
in time of possession averaging 27:57 a game.

Not to mention the Bears rank dead last in 3rd down conversion at 17.6%,
almost 9% less than the Buffalo Bills.

Martz should realize that for being out of the league for two years, a
successful offense needs balance. He should also realize that teams
stayed away from him because of his Mad Martz approach to offense.

At this point, I'm looking forward to Lovie Smith "off the bus running" speech.

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