Recap of Bears STH Q & A with Phillips, Angelo and Smith

In addition to this Bears STH blog, I'm the lead correspondent/blogger
at on the network. My colleague at, Craig, @WFBST on Twitter, provided tweets from
the Bears Q & A session with Bears Season Ticket Holders at the Walter Payton Center. I
registered for the event but wasn't lucky enough to be selected. Craig's
wife and father-in-law were in attendance as they kept Craig in the
know. Here are some of @WFBST's tweets about the Q & A:

Gives me the chills. #Bears #4thPhase #Sweetness #HH

STHers at Halas Hall were just treated to some special draft day insider video. #Bears #4thPhase #HH"

STH is the foundation of everything we do." Ted Phillips #Bears #4thPhase #HH

Ted Phillips just talked about the collective bargaining agreement. @skjensen reports there was a 'lukewarm applause' #Bears #HH

Jerry Angelo: "Obviously we'll have to expand the roster" for an 18 game season #Bears #HH

Lots of clapping from STHers in response to "Do you want an 18 game season?" #Bears #HH #4thPhase

Ted Phillips prefers grass over turf b/c injuries are worse on turf. #Bears #HH (my response, then lets install some nice grass please!!!!)

Kid to Jeff Joniak "How did you come up with 'Devin Hester, you are ridiculous!'"? #Bears #HH #BestQuestionOfTheNight

Lovie Smith on Julius Peppers: He "just goes to work." #Bears #HH #BeastMode

Young Fan: "How much time will Chester get?" Jerry: "Do you work for the Sun-Times?" #Bears #HH #4thPhase

"We are going to create a balance on offense" between the pass and the run. Jerry Angelo #Bears #HH #4thPhase

Lovie: "We feel good about Chris [Williams] against tough competition." I don't think the #4thPhase is convinced yet Lovie. #Bears #HH

Lovie: "You'll be happy with our offensive line." #Bears #HH #4thPhase Again, my thoughts are fans aren't convinced yet.

After a tough loss Lovie says "It's always about the next game" #Lovieism #Bears #HH #4thPhase #DontDrinkTooMuchKoolAid #HeardThatOneBefore

With confidence Lovie says "We have a different flavor that we will use Sunday." #Bears #HH #4thPhase

Twelve year STH veteran, @JanetOrdiway, sent this my way:
Best thing that happened in the offseason? Ted Phillips' answer? Preseason ended.

Guy posed very negative comments/?'s 2 Lovie during the comm brk. Lovie handled it with class, positivity,professionalism of course.

Out of all the tweets that came in from the Q & A, one stood out the most was when Ted Phillips, Bears CEO, said the STH, is the foundation of everything we do. While pessimists are out there rolling their eyes, I believe him. Unfortunately, the personnel and roster moves the Bears have made since the 2006 Super Bowl, haven't gone too well. In the past couple offseasons, the Bears traded for Jay Cutler and signed Julius Peppers. The Bears have made a couple steps in the right direction and I have faith the Bears will surprise everyone.


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