Navy and Orange Kool Aid Anyone?

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In front of a national audience, the Bears persevered. Good teams get the ball to bounce their way. Good teams create opportunities. While there are still plenty of critics, the fact is the Bears are 3-0. Keep in mind, the Bears have not played their best game yet. Regardless, all three phases played well enough to win the game. The Bears have a great chance of going 6-0 to start the season. By their seventh game, the Bears will be running on all cylinders.

While many criticized Lovie Smith's 4th down and goal decision, it was a gutsy call. The perfect play was called but it wasn't executed. Jay Cutler threw a bad ball. The bottom line is that Lovie had confidence in his defense and special teams. It turned out the Bears kept the Packers at the goal line and regardless of what was going to happen, the Bears were going to get excellent field position. Then the Windy City Flyer stuck again. Maybe Hester should be called "The Backbreaker". His punt return for a touchdown swung the momentum.

You also have to credit Lovie for pulling Zackary Bowman and sitting Tommie Harris. Lovie and the assistant coaches are holding their players accountable. All the coaches are making real time game decisions like their jobs are on the line.

While many are still not convinced consider this... Look at the Packers' false starts. Clearly the Packers were shaking in their boots with Julius Peppers bearing down. What about Hester's punt return touchdown? What about Peppers' field goal block? What about Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs' tag team? Yes, the Packers shot themselves in the foot but the Bears capitalized by making plays. Good teams capitalize on other teams' mistakes.

Cheers! The Navy and Orange Kool Aid hasn't tasted this good since the NFC Conference Championship game. Enjoy it.



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  • Are you kidding? The Bears may be the worst team to start 3-0 in NFL history. Detroit outplayed them and got robbed,Dallas is in turmoil and GB beat themselves. Does anyone out there honestly think that Chicago is better then GB? It is clear that the Pack is the better team. Well see in January when the Bears finish 8-8and the Pack is in the playoffs @ 12-4.

  • In reply to TODBL:

    Really? The Lions outplayed the Bears? Maybe you need to watch the game again or check the box score. The Cowboys just beat the Texans, who many have thought are the best team in the NFL after they smoked the Colts.

    It's clear that the Pack is a better team? WRONG. The Bears made plays and won the game. The Packers committed 17 penalties. Is that what good teams do? Good teams do not commit that many penalties. Sure the Packers are one of the better teams in the NFL but the record speaks for itself. The Bears are 3-0.

    The Bears have the Giants, Seahawks and Panthers next. This team has a good chance at 6-0.

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    The Packers had 18 penalties can't forget their forward pass on the last play of the game.
    @Bears Still Suck: And the Bears completely outplayed Detroit go look at the stats. The same way that you would argue the Packers outplayed the Bears last night. The only difference is the Bears came out on top in both of those games. You can argue all you want about who played better at the end of the game and end of the day all that matters is the wins-losses.

  • In reply to Stylin19:

    Thank you! 3-0 is all that matters. The Bears haven't played their best ball and we we all know that there is more to come. Imagine when the offense is fully integrated.

  • In reply to TODBL:

    Ok 3-0 is 3-0 BUT Cutler just threw the ball up anytime he was pressured, the int by Nick Collins which they called back for pass interference was a bad call. Anytime a qb just throws the ball up like that they never call pi, they were both jostling for the ball and they didnt throw the flag until after it was picked off. My point is it was an ugly game and throws like the ones he made Monday are going to cost them in the long run. The Bears D is very good Im just not sold on Cutler and the offense. The Pack had 5 penalties in the 1st two games and all of a sudden they commit 17?Some of those calls were very suspect. Time will tell who the better team is.

  • In reply to TODBL:

    Ok 3-0 is 3-0 BUT If Cutler continues to throw the ball up every time he is pressured like he did Monday its going to cost them in the long run. It was an ugly game and some of those 17 penalties were very suspect(like the pass interference flag thrown after the ball was picked off)The pack only had 5 penalties in the first two games and all of a sudden they commit 17 in one? I think the Bears have a great D Im just not sold on Cutler and the offense. The Packer Bear rivalry was definetely cranked up a notch after last night and time will tell who the better team is.A little advice for Bear fans... Dont count your chickens before they hatch.

  • In reply to TODBL:

    Yes. Only time will tell and it was an ugly game on both sides. The Bears persevered and on that night, they were better.

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