In Defense of Lovie Smith


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We all too often critcize Lovie Smith, so much so, that many fans want him fired today. Sorry Bears fans, you're stuck with him and you're going to have to deal with the entire season. Here's one suggestion - tune him out.

With nine minute left in the game, Lance Briggs forced a fumble at the Lions goal line. It was supposed to be a gift go-ahead touchdown. After three tries, the Bears couldn't move the ball forward a foot. Conventional wisdom says, go for the field goal for the lead.

Old school, black-and-blue division, wisdom says if you can't punch the ball in from the one foot line, then you don't deserve to win. Honestly, since the Bears couldn't punch the ball in from that close, they didn't deserve to win.

Lovie choose to go for it on fourth down to everyone's dismay. He went for it because he believed in his players. With the nine minutes left in the game, there was plenty of time to get the ball back for the go-ahead score.

With the offense playing as well as they have throughout the course of the game, the Bears would have no problem marching down the field.

The defense was living up to "Monsters of the Midway" glory, something that Lovie wants to bring back. There was no chance the Lions were going to drive 99 and a half yards, let alone 70 yards for a field goal.

Lovie had the confidence in the players on the field to get the job done. He was confident that the offensive line would get a push for the go-ahead touchdown. He was confident that the defense would get the ball back if the Bears didn't score a touchdown. He was confident in Devin Hester's ability to give the offense great field position. When the offense got the ball back, Lovie was confident that the Bears would score.

This is why players respect him as a coach. Players believe in him because Lovie believes in them.

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  • "Old school, black-and-blue division, wisdom says if you can't punch the ball in from the one foot line, then you don't deserve to win."

    Agreed, pure and simple.

  • In reply to darkangel:

    Thanks! I don't know if I would ever agree with the call but it took a lot of guts. Sending in the kicker tells the other team that you're team isn't tougher than them. I think it was a defining moment in the game because it told the Lions that Bears were not going to back down and they were going to have to beat them the old fashioned way.

  • In reply to darkangel:

    Checking out Chester Taylor tonight at Chili's @ 6:30 hosted by Dan Jiggetts on Comcast. Should be a good time!

    371 W. Townline Rd.
    Vernon Hills, IL

  • In reply to init2winit80:

    Sounds like a good time! Thanks for the heads up! Bear Down!

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