BearsSTH's team not getting any respect

I'm in a fantasy football league with some my fellow ChicagoNow bloggers and Tab, who is the author for Fantasy Football 411 and Chicago Sports Tab, offered his expertise and wrote an analysis of our draft. 
Every season, I admittedly pick a Bears player or defense on my team(s). I've drafted or traded for the Bears defense, Robbie Gould, Rex Grossman, Thomas Jones, Bernard Berrian and more recently, found a way to get Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and Devin Hester. This season, I drafted four Bears players. While there are plenty cynics out there, I am extremely confident in my Bears. 
Let me just say... he tore me a new one. That's okay because I stand by my draft one million percent. Just like the Bears, I got no respect.
Here's what he wrote... and my responses:

The luxury of the final pick in the draft order is having two of the top 11 overall selections; many fantasy owners (including me) would rather pick 10th than 1st. Having two picks this valuable, if used appropriately, can be the foundation of a very strong roster. 

As a completely unrelated aside, if you get chance, please watch the classic film "Conan the Detroyer." If there was an Academy Award for epic irony in casting, this would have been it: Arnold and Wilt Chamberlain play two mythical warriors on a mission to protect the virginity of a maiden. 
BearsSTH had the tenth and final draft position, and selected as follows: 
Ryan Mathews, RB, SD 

Matthews will be the new LT in the San Diego offense. With Vincent Jackson's no-show, he will get more touches. 

Jay Cutler, QB, CHI

Cutler led the league in interceptions last season and it can't get any worse than that. If it were not for his interceptions, he would have been a top 5 quarterback. He'll thrive in Mike Martz's offense and there is absolutely no way he'll replicate last season.

LeSean McCoy, RB, PHI 
McCoy is the new Brian Westbrook, hopefully he stays healthy. The Eagles offense will have a transition period with Kevin Kolb, so just like Matthews, McCoy will be relied on. Now Kolb injured, McCoy and Michael Vick will bolster the rushing attack.
Pierre Thomas, RB, NO 

Matt Forte, RB, CHI 

Mike Martz's offense is known to thow the ball down field but most of his success has come from the screen game. Forte has said he's speed and quickness are both back and we saw that against Detroit. 

Michael Crabtree, WR, SF 

Brent Celek, TE, PHI

Celek was supposed to be Kolb's safety valve. Now he'll be Vick's. Last season, Celek racked up 971 receiving yards. His numbers might not be that high this season but I bet he'll have around the same number of touchdown catches as he had last season.

Jerome Harrison, RB, CLE 

Devin Aromashodu, WR, CHI 

Because I think Cutler will have a breakout year, so will Aromashodu. He'll be Cutler's number one target. We all knew this at the end of last season and the same held true against the Lions. 

Chicago DEF 

The Monsters of the Midway will be back with Julius Peppers and a healthy Brian Urlacher. Am I the only one on the planet that sees the potential in this defense? With Peppers, there will be more sacks as a result of a better pass rush. A better pass rush means more turnovers and defensive touchdowns. The Bears still have a deadly return game too.

Donovan McNabb, QB, WSH 

I'm a McNabb fan. He's a fellow Catholic Leaguer and because of that, he will be successful anywhere he goes. Even in Washington. It's a quarterback league and McNabb is one of the best. Quarterbacks make recievers better. He helped the Eagles offense develop and set Kolb or Vick's table. He'll do the same in Washington. 

Pittsburgh DEF 

Devin Thomas, WR, WSH 

I dropped him already. I was banking on him being McNabb's number one but Mike Shanahan doesn't like him. 

Kenny Britt, WR, TEN 

Robbie Gould, K, CHI 

I wouldn't want any other kicker. Gould is one of the most accurate in history. The Bears will move the ball down the field and score. Besides, do kickers actually make a difference? 

There are so many flaws with this draft I'm not sure if I should call a tailor or just let it go. One-third of their roster is in Chicago, the first disaster. Then, of the ten remaining spots, two are Redskins and two are Eagles. Not only are the Redskins and Eagles two teams that could struggle offensively, but it further handicaps this team: the Redskins, Bears and Browns have the same bye week; eight of this owners' 15 roster spots will have the same week off. 

I am never concerned with teams having the same bye week. I'm betting the Bears are going to light up the scoreboard and have a dominant defense. I'm actually more confident in this team than any other. I also don't think the Eagles and Redskins will be all that bad. The Eagles have some playmakers and I think McNabb will keep the Redskins competitive. 

Based on my non-conventional approach, I think I have a solid team. As for my players having the same bye week, te point is to win as many games as possible to line yourself for a playoff birth. With my team and the players I picked, I'm confident that I can throw a game away. 
However, BearsSTH get an honorary second picture because of their blind devotion to the Chicago Bears. 
homer simpson.jpg

Tab's picture for me.

He even dedicated a Homer Simpson picture to me for being a Homer. We'll see. Did I win my first game? Yup. Here's my picture in response.


My picture in response. 

Did I win my first game? I sure did. 

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