4th Phase tweets: Oakland raid the Bears


Seriously, we have to keep telling ourselves that this is preseason. These games mean nothing. It's more of a chance to get the starters accustomed to playing together and an applying their learning's of a new offensive system.

Last night, the Bears look bad. The first unit offensive line gave up 4 sacks... in the first half. The defensive line couldn't get consistent pressure and let the Raiders march down the field. The Bears' 3 Phases didn't show up but the 4th Phase did.


Funnykeithlyle: My wife just called Chris Williams on the #Bears a p-----. THAT'S BAD! #4thPhase

BearsTwit: Cutler's protection is giving me flash-backs from last year. Thank god Knox was there! Touchdown. #BitterSweet | #4thPhase #Bears

Hotshooter: Now that's more like it. Forte lookin like a thorobred. #4thphase #Beardown


Sobeditor: I don't care if it is ONLY preseason, there has been some pathetic tackling tonight. #bears #beardown #4thphase

Efgromen: Urlacher leaves during the first series and the Bears give up a 80 yrd drive and TD to the shitty Raiders #WTF #Bears #4thphase

Special teams

Mr_Sweets: Nah, that can't be right... Special teams are not looking too good this preseason. #bears #beardown #4thphase

anthonydewar420: Dave Toub is gonna throw a chair at someone. Or take his pants off. #4thPhase

Despite the loss, there were some bright spots - Matt Forte's 89 yard run, Devin Hester showed off his big play ability and Julius Pepper showed how dominant he can be. In addition, Mike Martz gave us a glimpse of the type of formations the Bears will use when it counts, one setting up Forte's run.

Honestly, I'm not worried because we're only in the preseason. The Bears are not going to be too creative and they're going to play vanilla versions of their defense. For the most part, I'm happy with how the first unit (both offense and defense) even through there is plenty of work to be done in the next couple weeks.

Image courtesy of Jorge Bach.

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