4th Phase Tweets - Bears Lose To Chargers in Preseason Opener

We have to remind ourselves that this is only the preseason and this was the first preseason game. Regardless, the Bears loss against the Chargers is not acceptable. There's been a lot of buzz around this season because of Mike Martz, Julius Peppers and what could be Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo's last season if they don't get the Bears don't get the job done. 
There are still a lot of concerns that need to be addressed and the 4th Phase still needs to be convinced. Here are some of last night's #4thPhase tweets:

On Matt Forte's resurgence: 

TMichaelCronin: Wow Matt Forte nice lunge. That was bad. Hands outside my man.
goldendragon35: Ummm #forte hasn't looked good 
Analysis: Much has been said about Forte regaining his burst. To Forte's credit the offensive line didn't open any running lanes for him to run in. Forte is a three down back and has been a reliable blocker so let's hope this is just rust. 

New and improved defense? 
Witenike: I see nothing has changed about the Bears' secondary. 
Hotshooter: So far the D looks bad. They got their work cut out for them. 
Analysis: Julius Peppers was nowhere to be found and didn't make any impact plays. Chris Harris was out of position as he made a late read that enabled a Legedu Naanee 28 yard touchdown reception. 
On a positive note: 
samgoody14: Is it just me or is Major all over the place 
iChicagoSports: @BearsSTH Devin Aromascoobydobbydoo! <--- Add that to your blog! Lol 
BearsTwit: Lance Louis looking aggressive thus far.
Analysis: Major Wright looks like the real deal. He's a big hitter who's aggressive and instinctual. He could be starting sooner than later. Devin Aromashodu led all receivers with 4 receptions for 78 yards with a touchdown. Lance Louis has said to have a mean streak. With Louis' aggressiveness is much needed for an offensive line that looking to establish themselves.
#4thPhase graphic courtesy of Jorge Bach

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