Bears poised to have a top 5 defense

Last season disappointed everyone - the fans, players, coaches,
management, everyone. With high expectations after the Jay Cutler trade,
the defense lost their current face of the franchise, Brian Urlacher,
in the first game of the season. After Urlacher was lost for the season,
the team's identity was lost with him. Whether or not he would have
made of difference is still debatable because the Bears defense was a
complete disaster.

In the past couple of seasons, there has been no pass rush and the
safeties lacked the play making ability as in years past, both essential
elements to Lovie Smith's version of the Tampa 2.

The Bears are poised to rise to the ranks of elite defenses in 2010
reclaim the respect its lost.

This offseason, the Bears signed this offseason's prized free agent
Julius Peppers. If quarterbacks are the most important players on the
field, then it can be argued that the defensive ends/pass rushers are
the second most important. Peppers is an elite pass rusher and might be
the best in the NFL.

Urlacher is coming off a potentially career ending injury. Even though
the Bears missed him last season, the cloudy skies have a silver lining
because Urlacher missed a season that was lost from the start. The
linebacker group played admirably and was the most consistent unit on
defense, but the defense didn't look the same without Urlacher. With
Urlacher returning, he and the Bears earned an extra year in football

After Super Bowl XLI, the Bears traded Chris Harris away to the Carolina
Panthers. Since then, the Bears have been shuffling the deck of
safeties with Danieal Manning, Adam Archuleta, Craig Steltz, Kevin
Payne, Josh Bullocks and Al Afalava. This offseason the Bears righted a
wrong decision. Since being traded, Harris has progressed and led the
NFL with eight forced fumbles in 2007 and forced two fumbles in each of
the past two seasons.


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  • Top 5?! Even if that was true (and it isn't) what does that get you when your offensive line is a bunch of weak, old has-been losers who could't block a hole in a wet paper sack AND your QB is getting his brains kicked in on every snap AND you're lucky if you can even get 75 yards rushing out of 4 quarters?

    It could start out being top 5 but is not likely to stay that way. This defense is going to have to be on the field almost continually. How long before Urlacher and 3 or 4 other guys are on the DL?

    Don't forget this either...lovie is still the coach.

  • In reply to rrmorris67:

    Last season was an awful season but you have to look at how they played in their last game, which they won. In addition, look at the offseason pickups. Are they not a better team? Did the Bears not make the right moves to improve the coaching stuff? If they fire Lovie, then they would've had no money to get Peppers, Manumaleuna or Taylor and we'd be stuck with the same roster. I'd rather have an upgraded roster and the same coach than the different coach and same roster.

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