SI's Peter King is delusional: Ranks the Bears 25th

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears
Last year, Sports Illustrated's Peter King, predicted the Bears would make the Super Bowl. He, just like everyone else was high on the Jay Cutler trade. For the second straight year, the Bears made some off-season noise by acquiring Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, Brandon Manumaleuna and Chris Harris. This time King isn't sold on the move nor is he sold on the 2010 Bears.

King ranks the Bears 25th, just below the Lions. He ranked the Packers (gasp) 1st, and the Vikings 13th. Let's do the simple math... King ranks the Bears at the bottom of the division. Here's his explanation on why he ranked the Bears where he did: 

25. Chicago. The Mike Martz-Jay Cutler marriage could work, or it could explode. The defense will be solid, assuming Julius Peppers comes to play, but he can't solve everything on a unit that allowed 375 points last year.

The Packers will be brought down to earth, the Vikings' line is aging and have uncertainty with Brett Favre and the Lions are still unproven and are still the Lions. The Bears have a younger team, a proven franchise quarterback, the best pass rusher on the planet, all world linebackers, a ton of speed and a head coach with his back against the wall. 

Really??? Ranked 25th with a roster that includes perennial All Pro caliber players like Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers, Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Tommie Harris, Charles Tillman and Chris Harris. A group of rising stars like Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, Devin Aromashodu, Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett, Zackary Bowman and Chris Williams?

If history serves the Bears well, last year's Super Bowl Champion, the Saints, were ranked 24th. We all know these rankings mean absolutely nothing but it shows the lack of respect the national media has towards the Bears. No one believes the Bears can make some noise this season and that Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo are dead men walking. 



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  • I agree - 25th and behind the freaking Lions is ridiculous. Just being ranked behind the Lions is what I call "football Armageddon"

    Here's where your argument goes sideways for me: "perennial All Pro caliber players like Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers, Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Tommie Harris, Charles Tillman and Chris Harris" is a little over the top, don't you think?

    When were Tillman and Harris Pro Bowlers much less All Pros? Hester was All Pro as a return man until Lovie screwed him up by trying to turn him into a #1 receiver. Urlacher and Harris each have a few years under their belts since their last all expense paid trips to Hawaii.

    That said, I hope that Bears pull it together and have a great season, but I'm just trying to keep it real.

  • In reply to mtburz73:

    You got me Mike! I was wondering if anyone would call me out on that. Obviously, Peanut has never made it, although I think he should have by now and CHarris had that one Pro Bowl-type year with Carolina. Regardless, King is nuts but whatever...

  • In reply to mtburz73:

    I have no problem calling Tillman and Harris "All-Pro caliber;" that's not saying they're All-Pros; it's saying they COULD BE All-Pros. I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that.

    More of a stretch is calling Forte, Olsen, Aromashodu, Knox, Bennett, Bowman and Williams "a group of rising stars." Seriously? This bunch? Aromashodu is the closest thing to a rising star among them, and he had what, two or three good games? Knox is pretty fast, but so are 100 other guys in the NFL. Forte and Olsen were good in their rookie years and have been bad since. And as for Bennett, Bowman and Williams? Please, share whatever you have in your beverage cup, because it must be very full of orange and navy Kool-Aid.

    The Bears have had a good offseason, and I do think they'll be better than what Peter King is predicting. But the young members of the roster don't leave much to get excited about.

  • In reply to kcsbear1:

    Forte had a spectacular rookie season and expectations were high last season. He still managed over 1300 yard in total offense. He also played with a leg injury the entire season without making excuses and didn't even mention it. With Chester Taylor joining the team, Forte will be fresh and injury-free.

    Olsen had his best year as a pro last season. We can all admit at times he didn't look that dominant but he did put up numbers without looking his best. His blocking has been an issue but what pass catching TE's are also excellent blockers... not too many.

    The offense looked noticeably different with Aromashodu and Williams. DA was Cutler's go to guy and is trusted. With more games and entire off season in an expanded role, he could be a diamond in the rough. The offense looked a lot better when Williams moved back to his natural LT position. Against the Vikings, Jared Allen was a no-show. The running game also improved when Williams moved over.

    Knox was a Pro Bowler and can make the big play. Bennett is already trusted and he has steady hands - not bad from not being able to get on the field in his rookie season. Bowman had 6 INT's and isn't afraid to get dirty and tackle someone.

    The reason why I call them rising stars is because everyone I mentioned has less than 3 years of NFL experience and younger than 26 years old. Their ceiling is still high and have yet reach their prime.

  • In reply to kcsbear1:

    I happen to agree with Sports Illustrated's review of the Bears. First of all the 'perennial' Al-Pro section of this blog is rediculous. Urlacher will be lucky to make it through week 8.... Briggs and Pepper are also old and past their prime. Jake Delhomme had a comparable season to Cutler and well... Delhomme is now in Cleveland. Face it Cutler will be the third best quarterback in the division behind Rodger and Favre (and I believe Stafford will be nipping at his orange little heels). I also think the part about Forte being a rising star???? Really???? cause I think that guy peaked his rookie season and that's why you brought in Chester Taylor. Also Greg Olsen will be gone in a few years if Martz is around because he hates tight ends who don't block well. The Bears will be duking it out with the Lions to see who falls in the cellar. Luvie is a dead duck and so are the Chicago Bears. All I can say is thank God Peter King realized the error in his ways last year picking the Bears to go to the Super Bowl.

  • In reply to Tebow:

    You can't say that Forte "peaked" because he's only played a couple years. He has plenty of years left before we can judge. Don't tell me you didn't have high expectations for him before last season. Taylor has only been a starter once and won't get the bulk of the touches. The 2 can make a pretty good combo. The "God" Peter King said the Bears will make the Super Bowl last year - does that still make him "God"?

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