National media not sold on the Bears

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There's been a lot of national media folks who simply aren't sold on the Bears and the moves they made this offseason. First, Peter King had the nerve to rank the Bears 25th and now, John Czarnecki of FOX NFL, tells us, the 4th Phase to be prepared to be "deflated". He writes:
They were the big bidder for Carolina's Julius Peppers and after several other free agents turned them down. 
Who else were the Bears going to pick up besides Julius Peppers? Wasn't he not the best available player and didn't the Bears fill a need? Who would've been a better pick up? He continues his gibberish:
They settled on polarizing offensive coordinator Mike Martz to fix Jay Cutler and get him to play like $20 million.
Seriously... was there any doubt that he was the Bears' number one choice? Was there a better candidate? Lastly: 
Still, for all their moves both on and off the field, the Bears are a team that didn't go far enough this offseason.
I don't know where Czarnecki is coming from. The Bears did everything they could to improve their team. How "far" were the Bears supposed to go? 
Fire Jerry Angelo? Fire Lovie Smith? If the McCaskey's would've fired both Angelo and Smith, then there probably wouldn't have been enough money to get Peppers, Chester Taylor or Brandon Manumaleuna. Would the Bears be better off with Bill Cowher, no money to spend in free agency and the same roster? Doubt it.
Sell the team? Fat chance. 
Move to the suburbs? Not in a million years. 
They had money to spend and spent it on the best players available and on Martz. They didn't have a first or second round draft pick and did the most they could with what they had. 
Keep the bulletin board material coming.


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  • I'm not going to lie - Bill Cowher is long been my favourite NFL coach and I might do a back flip down Michigan Ave. if he ever came to coach in the Windy City.

  • In reply to teejaysplace:

    I like Cowher too. He even has the iconic Chicago-stache. If this season is a disaster, then I think he will definitely be on the short list.

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