Bears running back duo will be key to a potent offense


There is plenty of skepticism (none here) about whether or not the Bears wide receivers could grasp Mike Martz's playbook or if they have enough talent to become a dominant group. When fans think of Martz's offense, they often think of Martz wanting his quarterback to chuck the ball down field every play.

"The Greatest Show on Turf" might have been known for Kurt Warner connecting with Issac Bruce, Torry Holt and Az-Zahir Hakim but the offense would not have been as potent without Marshall Faulk.

Faulk was a multi-dimensional back that ran the ball well in between the tackles and more importantly in the Martz offense, caught the ball exceptionally from the backfield. Some might think the Bears don't have a Faulk-like back but they do have Matt Forte and Chester Taylor.

The league has changed since Faulk was dominant and almost every team relies on a two-back system. Forte and Taylor run the ball well in between tackles and both catch the ball well and have the potential to be the best one-two punch in the league.

Forte's production was down last season compared to his breakout rookie
year. He was injured for the entire season and didn't make excuses about
it. Stock was so high on him that many fantasy football players drafted
him the third overall running back. (I drafted him second overall in my
fantasy football draft last year, behind Adrian Peterson - the number one overall pick). All signs
from minicamp and OTAs have been that Forte is healthy and ready to
regain his rookie form.

Taylor is similar to Forte in that he is multi-dimensional. He could
have easily went to another team and been the top dog, but he chose the
Bears. Even though he's a seasoned vet, Taylor has always shared the
load with another back and has plenty of miles left in the tank.

Forte and Taylor will be the engine that keeps the Martz's offense rolling. The Bears don't have a Marshall Faulk but if the Forte and Taylor can combine to match Faulk's production then the Bears will have one of the most potent offenses in the league.


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  • Still need an offensive line that can play consistant. Look at the Rams O-Line when they won it with Martz.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    It sounds like the OL has been playing well as a unit (even though they've been playing w/o pads) and the have pretty good depth. I agree the OL has to step it up.

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