Bears continue their busy offseason... Pack your bags Gabriel

This past Tuesday, the Bears fired Greg Gabriel, the director of college scouting. His job description was to schedule scouting visits, coordinate scouting meetings, evaluate collegiate players and play a major role in the development of the Bears draft plan. Bottom line... find the best players to draft. 

To his credit, he did bring in Devin Hester, Peanut Tillman, Tommie Harris, Lance Briggs, Matt Forte, Chris Williams, Greg Olsen, Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox, Chris Harris and Alex Brown. All have been productive players and popular with the 4th Phase, but wasn't that his job in the first place? With that, we can't give him too much credit. He did also bring in Roosevelt Williams, Michael Okwo, Dan Bazuin, Craig Krenzel, Brock Forsey, Airese Currie, Jamin Elliot and too many more. 

The great Michael Haynes

The Bears have been deficient, among things, were offensive and defensive line. We saw that last year when the Bears couldn't protect Jay Cutler and they could get to opposing quarterbacks. 
Let's take a look at the offensive lineman he helped draft: 
Marc Colombo - Bust, now with Dallas
Terrence Metcalf - Bust, now with Arizona 
Bryan Anderson - Bust 
Tyler Reed - Bust 
Aaron Brant - Bust 
Chris Williams - Looks promising 
Chester Adams - Bust
Kirk Barton - Bust 
Lance Louis - TBA 
Here are the defensive lineman: 
Alex Brown - one of the most popular Bears, good luck to him in New Orleans 
Michael Haynes - Bust 
Ian Scott - contributor but released and now with San Diego 
Tron LaFavor - Bust 
Claude Harriott - Bust 
Tommie Harris - Pro Bowler, looking for a big season from him 
Tank Johnson - a solid contributor but off-the-field drama led to his release and is now with Cincinnati 
Mark Anderson - still waiting for him to re-emerge from his breakout rookie season 
Dusty Dvoracek - Bust, oft injured 
Dan Bazuin - Bust 
Ervin Baldwin - Bust 
Marcus Harrison - a solid contributor 
Jarron Gilbert - TBA 
Henry Melton - TBA
Out of these 24 picks, there are 2 (possibly 4) active starters in Harris, Williams, Harrison and Anderson with Harris as the only Pro Bowler. No renewing Gabriel's contract was an easy decision. Now the Bears look to hire Tim Ruskell, who has worked with Jerry Angelo and, more recently, was the Seattle Seahawks' general manager.

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