Final Thoughts: Trestman's Predictable Play Calling Is Killing The Bears

Final Thoughts: Trestman's Predictable Play Calling Is Killing The Bears

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman is hurting the Bears with his unimaginative late game play calling.

I'm sorry, but there's no excuse in the world that the Bears lost to the pathetic Vikings on Sunday.

Minnesota lost starting cornerback Chris Cook after he was ejected for pushing a referee following an Alshon Jeffery touchdown that put the Bears up 20-10 late in the third quarter.

Rookie corner Xavier Rhodes was in and out of action for the Vikings with an injury as well.

The Bears lost momentum after allowing a Vikings score. Then things looked bad for Chicago as Josh McCown forced a ball to Matt Forte and it was fumbled and recovered by Minnesota after Kyle Long couldn't recover it.

Luckily, rookie linebacker Khaseem Greene bailed the Bears out of a bad situation. He intercepted Matt Cassel as the Vikings were lined up inside the Bears 10-yard-line.

Greene took the ball back to midfield and what does Trestman decide to do? Run it three straight times. Not just run it, but run it up the middle, the weakest spot in the Bears' offensive line.

With four minutes left, the Bears punted the ball away to Minnesota.

That was the turning point right there. That's where the Bears lost momentum and the game.

You can blame the defense for blowing it and allowing Cassel to convert a fourth-and-11 backed up on the Vikings 10-yard-line. Or in overtime when Gould missed a 47-yard field goal on a second down, which allowed the Vikings to win it just a couple plays later.

The offense has so much talent on its side. That was proven yet again on Sunday.

Jeffery was a monster with a Bears record 249 yards receiving and two scores. Brandon Marshall did plenty of work behind the scenes and Forte had an awesome afternoon.

With the exception of the fumble, McCown looked good. The Bears couldn't get much going on third-downs, but they were still able to put drives together.

One thing is for sure, this offense has limits. They struggle in the redzone. They struggle at running the ball up the middle.

What does Trestman do? He runs the ball up the middle in the most critical part of the game.

The best teams take the momentum from a big time interception at that point in the game and end it right there.

Trestman is making the Bears look bad a lot.

Scoring 20 points against a terrible Vikings defense is a joke.

Trestman has no excuse in the world to go for the field goal attempt in overtime on second down. Especially with the way Forte was running so effectively.

He can say whatever he wants. A possible penalty or turnover weighed into the quick decision according to Trestman, but no one is automatic from 47 yards, not even Gould, who is one of the best of all time.

Why not run it another 10 yards, so it could be basically a gimme for Gould from 37.

Trestman blew the game well before overtime and that has been a theme way too much as of late.

I understand that he is a rookie head coach, but he needs to expand his playbook and stick to the strengths of this team.

The offense is the strength. Do the things you're best at late in games.

The short passing game opened things up for the deep ball on Sunday and we all saw that with Jeffery.

When asked about the three straight running calls after the game, he claimed he liked the calls and that the Bears just didn't execute.

You know why they didn't execute? It doesn't work.

The calls are predictable. The line is better at protecting the quarterback. It struggles to open up running lanes up the middle for the backs.

That game was a must win, since the Lions crushed the Packers on Thanksgiving.

With four games left in the regular season, Trestman needs to get out of his comfort zones and change things up.

Like I said sticking to the team's strengths will help plenty. This team has tons of potential, he is limiting it with his awful play calls down the stretch.

I'll tell you one thing, Lovie Smith would have never attempted a field goal on second down in overtime. No way.

That's besides the point. The point is Trestman needs to put way more effort into his gameplan.

Because right now there is no creativity in the playbook especially during the most crucial parts of the game.

Even if Jay Cutler comes back next Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys, the Bears are in trouble if Trestman doesn't tinker things for the better.

It is hard to watch considering we all know what is going to happen late in games.

Trestman is letting the Bears down. It's time for him to step up and take command of this team.


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