Q & A With Bears Wide Receiver Brittan Golden

Q & A With Bears Wide Receiver Brittan Golden

Wide receiver Brittan Golden from West Texas A&M went undrafted, but signed a contract with the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Golden joins former West Texas A&M offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb, who was drafted in 2010 by the Bears.

Golden put up some impressive during his four years with the Buffaloes. He reeled in 55 passes for 1,076 yards and 12 touchdowns as a senior year last season.

He finished second all time in West Texas A&M receiving yards (3,007) and fifth in receptions (165).

He would have to earn his way onto the team through special teams most likely.

I had the chance to catch up with Brittan this past week and he talked about his favorite part of football, what his pregame warmup consist of and if his dream was always to play in the NFL.

Here's the interview with Bears rookie wide receiver Brittan Golden.

BB: Was it always your dream to play in the NFL? Are you excited to be in the city of Chicago playing for such a historic franchises?

BG: Yes. When I was young on Sundays after church I would grab my football and watch a few games and then go outside and pretend I was on that team. I am very excited to be apart of Chicago. I am honored to be apart of such a historic franchise.

BB: What do you feel is your biggest strength?

BG: Probably my speed and ability to work with the ball in my hands.

BB: What do you feel is your biggest weakness?

BG: probably size.

BB: Which NFL player do you most compare yourself to on the field?

BG: I wouldn't say compare, but i like watching players like Victor Cruz and Johnny Knox and try to model my game like theirs.

BB: Who is the person that you credit to getting you to this point?

BG: God first. Without him none of this would be possible.

BB: In terms of off the field and personality, what will an NFL franchise be getting with Brittan Golden?

BG: I'm a laid back kinda guy. I like to spend time with friends, family, and my daughter.

BB: What does your pregame warmup consist of?

BG: Pre-game I like to listen to music, dance around a bit and I always eat Skittles.

BB: What artists/songs are typically part of your warmup playlist?

BG: Lil Wayne, Drake, J. Cole, Wale, Jeezy, and Rick Ross

BB: What is a fact that some people may not know about you?

BG: I was not recruited for football out of high school. I walked on to play at West Texas A&M.

BB: Do you have a nickname that your teammates and friends call you? How did that come about?

BG: Everyone just calls me "B" usually. Some call me "Golden Child."

BB: Are you a big social media guy?

BG: Not too big I have both a Twitter (@BrittanGolden) and a Facebook.

BB: What is your favorite part of football?

BG: I love winning, but I would have to say just being apart of a team. Knowing every time you step on the field your teammates have your back.

BB: Are you friends with current Bears LT J'Marcus Webb, who was at West Texas A&M as well?

BG: Yes we hung out every now and then while he was playing at WT.

BB: Have any of the Bears players contacted you since you came to terms with the team?

BG: J'Marcus sent me a text message congratulating and welcoming me to the team.

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