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Lovie Tired Of The "Toughness" Questions Surrounding Jay Cutler

On Tuesday of this past week, Tribune writer Dan Pompei did an article which detailed Lovie Smith’s latest frustration with the “toughness” questions surrounding his QB Jay Cutler (see article).  Lovie continues to defend Cutler “aggressively” as well he should since millions of dollars have been invested in this kid.  For me however, it’s “not”... Read more »

So For The "1st-Time", I Was Wrong....

Yes, the Pats did not fall in Soldiers Field as I predicted.  What I also have to point-out, is how the Bears did not execute the 1-2-3 objectives I laid out in my previous entry.   For starters, we did put pressure on Brady early, but wore down by the end of the 1st quarter.... Read more »

Pats Remarkable Run Will End In Soldiers Fields....

Since literally getting their asses whipped in Cleveland, the New England Patriots have gone a tare of four straight wins.  During the four game rip, the Pats have all but man-handled some top defensive units along the way (the NY Jets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers). However, the game against Pittsburgh was more of a shoot-out... Read more »

The Running Game Is Key To Beating The Pats

Despite New England’s “dismantling” of the NY Jets on MNF, they are still vulnerable against the run.  Even in last night’s game, the Jets were able to stay close to the Pats in time of  possession by holding on to the ball for 29 minutes to the Pats 31.  What significantly hurt NY was the... Read more »