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Phil Emery Is A Man "On" A Mission....

Emery, No Smiles, All Business
When newly hired GM Phil Emery stepped to the podium to address the media, He was all business, and very little teeth.  Emery’s demeanor indicated to us all that he was not just a man with a mission (as mandated by ownership), but a determine man “On-A-Mission” period. Emery has paid his dues in this... Read more »

Now There Are Two...

Jason Licht - NE Pats
The Bears have narrowed their GM search down to 2 finalists:  Phil Emery & Jason Licht Tonight, join Bill and I (for another session of “Chicago Bears Extra”) as we discuss this “Hot-Topic” and  breakdown season 2011, and the prospects for a better year in 2012. The Overall Show Agenda Will Be As Follows: Whose... Read more »


Phil Emery
In the Bears search for a “real” GM, four names have emerged.  The positive thing here is that Phillips & McCaskey are not rushing things and want to get the right guy who will build this team using the draft rather than grabbing a bunch of used-up retreads which was one of Angelo’s worse habits... Read more »

And Now, We Wait......

1 Stays, 1 Goes.....
Make no mistake Bear Fans, this season (which began with such promise) turned out to be one we’d rather forget.  It is also a season where team Prez Ted Phillips could make a statement on just how serious he is about building a championship team (like he claimed last spring). If there was ever a... Read more »

Poor, Poor, Poor......

Bears Fans Are Feeling Very Deflated Right Now
Those are the only three words I can think of when it comes to the current state of the Chicago Bears.  Poor execution (by the players), poor coaching by Lovie and his staff, and poor team management which falls directly on the “slim” shoulders of both Jerry Angelo, and his side-kick Tim Ruskell.  I include Ruskell... Read more »

Bears Back In Action Tonight!

Bears vs Eagles On MNF
Tonight our Bears will meet yet another fierce opponent on the road in the City Of Brotherly Love, but there won’t be much love to spread around in Eagle-Town.  The Eagles come off a huge victory over the Dallas Cowboys in a 34-7 bloodletting of Americas team last week. Tonight, the Philly Faithful will be in... Read more »

Pay Matt Forte!!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Steve Rosenbloom’s Tribune article which praised Jerry Angelo for not paying RB Matt Forte (see article). Every one we talk, including current and former NFL players, all unanimously agree that Matt should get paid.  Forte accounts for at least 60% of the Bears offensive production.  Without Forte,... Read more »

Owner's Strategy Leaves "The Fans" With The Short End Of The Stick

Roger Goddell & Jeff Pash, The “Gruesome-Twosome” Last Friday’s Tribune article by Sam Farmer, gave us a line-for-line look at both sides in the dispute (see article). So for those “on-the-fence” between the owners and players, here’s “the-truth” straight-up; just as the players used a “strike” as a means for “leverage” in 1987 dispute, the... Read more »

Phillips Shows More Flashes Of A "Dynamic" Leader...

Bears New Prez, Ted Phillips Sun-Times writer Sean Jensen unleashed yet another informative article regarding (new man in-charge) Ted Phillips, who is very commitment to getting a deal done in this labor “squabble” so that the teams can get back to the business of Football (see article). In Jensen’s article Phillips went on to state:... Read more »

Today, It's Lovie's Turn To Get Roasted....

In my last entry, I climbed “all-over” Jay Cutler for lacking the “demonstrative” intangibles needed to be an effective leader and field general.  Today, I take a critical look at HC Lovie Smith in response to Steve Rosenbloom’s latest article in the Tribune regarding this same topic (see article). Steve gave us a very “sobering”... Read more »