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Phil Emery Must Go!!!

This is a huge stretch from the last article written here where I praised the defense for it’s efforts in a win against a weak Jets team just before things started to go down the toilet.  So take the words in that article for what their worth, and move on from there. Truthfully, a lot... Read more »

Haugh Rips Martz, Asks About NFC Title Game Play-Calling

Tribune writer Dave Haugh put Martz on the hot-seat in his article this morning, and rightfully so (see article). Just when I was looking (or wishfully thinking) for some bright-spot in Martz offensive masterplan, we see him behind the release of TE Greg Olsen (which was risky, but “could” have some benefit), then we we... Read more »

Today, It's Lovie's Turn To Get Roasted....

In my last entry, I climbed “all-over” Jay Cutler for lacking the “demonstrative” intangibles needed to be an effective leader and field general.  Today, I take a critical look at HC Lovie Smith in response to Steve Rosenbloom’s latest article in the Tribune regarding this same topic (see article). Steve gave us a very “sobering”... Read more »

Bear Report's Current Issue, "A-Hit"!!!!

If you haven’t subscribed to The Chicago Bear Report magazine by now, by ALL means I suggest you do.  Editor John Crist and crew definitely hit this one “out-of-the-park” with the current April issue. Crist and his team opened with the cover story about Jay Cutler, and why he’s pretty much created his own dilemma... Read more »

More Facts To Consider...

We took a look at the successes and failures of the “principle” coaches/player involved in tomorrows game (Dom Capers, Rod Marinelli, Mike Martz, and Jay Cutler).  What we discovered was compelling to say the least, but promising as well. GB D-Coordinator Capers has had success against Chicago in only 1 game as head coach of... Read more »

Sympathy For Jerry...

In the aftermath of the Bears momentous victory over Minnesota, and now with us sitting at 6-3 for the season (3-0 in the NFC North Division), a great deal of “reconsideration” is being given to the Bears embattled General Manager Jerry Angelo. Tribune reporter David Haugh wrote an article which makes some great points regarding... Read more »

A Tale Of Two Coaches

Well it finally happened (as I predicted).  Wade Phillips was fired today as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.  I stated during the pre-season that Dallas had far worst problems then what we have here in Chicago.  From the moment Phillips was named head coach of the Cowboys, I warned people and especially Cowboy... Read more »