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Why The Bears Should Trade Briggs NOW!!!!!

The real test for any one in a position of power, is how that individual response in pressing situations.  What we have here with Lance Briggs and his agent (Drew Rosenhaus) is an honest-to-god em-pass.   However, this was expected (especially when dealing with Rosenhaus). The question that now remains is “how will Jerry Angelo handle... Read more »

We Could Be Close To A Deal.....

Goodell and Smith Shake Reports have indicated that the NFL and the Players Union have been meeting at the table in an attempt to hammer out a deal in several “private” sessions.  It would seem that Jeff Pash’s statement regarding the need to work things out without the intervention of the courts, can be taken... Read more »

Now Coaches, And Players Want To Get Back To Work.....

Goodell, Pash and Others This should come as now surprise to anyone. The picture posted above, get a “good” look at it.  If this thing continues to go south, then those are the men we have to blame, along with a few selfish owners. In fairness however, I must say that I was greatly surprised... Read more »

Goodell And Smith, Two Names That Will Go-Down In "Infamy"

Goodell vs. Smith With things being what they are now in this insidious “lockout”, it would be safe to conclude that this is an event that will do a considerable amount of damage to the NFL for years to come.  Right now it would take a miracle (like Moses parting the Red Sea) for fans... Read more »

Lock-Out Now Reaching Critical Phase......

As many of you already know, the NFL Lockout continues per the decision by the court to grant a temporary “stay” of Judge Nelson’s decision in favor of the players about a month ago.  To make matters worse, Goodell seems to be perfectly comfortable with the situation “despite” the fans who want football. You would... Read more »

Cutler "Settling-Down" Into A Firm Leader In Chicago

Cutler After The NFC Title Game Chicago Sun Times writer Sean Jensen wrote yet another great article which details how Jay Cutler is distinguishing himself as the leader of this team (see article). Recently Cutler has been reaching for as many offensive players as possible in an effort to get everyone together for some offensive... Read more »

Tuesday "Shocker", Players Turned Away At Halas Hall

Tribune writer Brad Briggs posted an article which to-say-the-least, left me virtually “speechless”. As we know, some players (since judge Nelson’s ruling to lift the lockout yesterday) have made attempts to return to their usual off-season workouts at their respective teams facilities.  However, many of them (including our players) were “turned-away” (see article). Damn! Just... Read more »

Judge Rules In Favor Of The Players, HA!!!!!!!!!!

Just as expected, judge Nelson ruled in favor of the NFL Players according to todays evening edition of The Washington Post (see article). The judges decision places an injunction ending the imposed “lockout” by the NFL owners.  However, the NFL owners claim that they had every right to imposed the said lockout, and that they... Read more »

Robbie Gould Speaks His Mind, My Kind Of Guy.....

Gould Kicks-Off Some Strong Words For The Owners The Bleacher Report highlighted a Tribune article where Bears “Ace” Kicker and Player Rep Robbie Gould called-out the NFL owners with some “right-between-the-goal-posts” truth (see article). Gould’s words where almost the same as mind when he said: “This lockout is all because of the owners’ greed. I’m sorry... Read more »

Is The NFL Labor Situation Starting To Resemble "Gridlock" In DC???

Godell, Smith, and Gay Culverhouse Before the Senate In DC Not if Judge Susan Richard Nelson has any say about the matter.  On Wednesday (April 6th), Judge Nelson responded as any “wise” and “intelligent” person would, by giving both sides this advice “Work-Things-Out”.  Tribune writer Lance Pugmire detailed the proceedings in his Wednesday night article... Read more »