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Tuesday "Shocker", Players Turned Away At Halas Hall

Tribune writer Brad Briggs posted an article which to-say-the-least, left me virtually “speechless”. As we know, some players (since judge Nelson’s ruling to lift the lockout yesterday) have made attempts to return to their usual off-season workouts at their respective teams facilities.  However, many of them (including our players) were “turned-away” (see article). Damn! Just... Read more »

Robbie Gould Speaks His Mind, My Kind Of Guy.....

Gould Kicks-Off Some Strong Words For The Owners The Bleacher Report highlighted a Tribune article where Bears “Ace” Kicker and Player Rep Robbie Gould called-out the NFL owners with some “right-between-the-goal-posts” truth (see article). Gould’s words where almost the same as mind when he said: “This lockout is all because of the owners’ greed. I’m sorry... Read more »

Is The NFL Labor Situation Starting To Resemble "Gridlock" In DC???

Godell, Smith, and Gay Culverhouse Before the Senate In DC Not if Judge Susan Richard Nelson has any say about the matter.  On Wednesday (April 6th), Judge Nelson responded as any “wise” and “intelligent” person would, by giving both sides this advice “Work-Things-Out”.  Tribune writer Lance Pugmire detailed the proceedings in his Wednesday night article... Read more »

Owner's Strategy Leaves "The Fans" With The Short End Of The Stick

Roger Goddell & Jeff Pash, The “Gruesome-Twosome” Last Friday’s Tribune article by Sam Farmer, gave us a line-for-line look at both sides in the dispute (see article). So for those “on-the-fence” between the owners and players, here’s “the-truth” straight-up; just as the players used a “strike” as a means for “leverage” in 1987 dispute, the... Read more »

NFL Files Motion To "Keep" The Lockout In Place, "BAD" Mistake.....

Just when sports writers and sports “talking-heads” were hammering the NFLPA regarding their “public image”, the owners & the NFL move to keep this “God-Forsaken” Lockout in place.  I don’t need to ask, I’m just going to come right out and say-it; “THEY’VE LOST THEIR MINDS!!!”. Why would the owners want to keep this “charade”... Read more »

Change Kick-Off Rules, Why???

Here we go again with the NFL trying to re-invent the wheel, when the game has what it needs to remain “exciting”.  Brad Briggs article from last Saturday spelled out the “nut-and-bolts” of the “proposed” new kick-off rules which would impact one of our most exciting players Devin Hester (see article). In the past 5... Read more »

Greed, Greed, Greed.....

I just read a great article by Tribune writer Bill Plaschke who did not mince words regrading his position in this current labor dispute (see article).  Plaschke made mention of the numerous amount of head injuries that we witness during last season. This also culminated in the suicide of ex-Bear Safety Dave Duerson who suffered... Read more »

Inside This "Lock-Out"...

Well it’s Monday, and we’ve known since Friday that the owners have “officially” locked-out the players.  Of course much has been said in the media by both sides, but we as the fans (the real losers in this ordeal) need to take a very critical look as to why we’re hear in the first place.... Read more »