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Bears Respond To Negativity, With "Positive-Win"....

I’ll be the first to fess-up. I expected the Bears to get their heads handed to them in San Fran on Sunday night.  I referred to the game to be a nightmare. blood-letting, and a blood-bath. Nonetheless, the Bears proved me dead-wrong, and came up with a HUGE road win against a team ranked #3 in... Read more »

Chicago Bears Extra Airs Tonight On A New Station

DJ Moore Celebrates His Interception (1 of 4 Pics For The Bears D)
Tonight Bill and Gary rundown the Bears vs Bucs game in London during this inaugural episode on The Community Listing Network at 8pm est (7pm cst). Tonight’s show will also include the following topics: Is it Jay’s Team Now? Should The Bears Pursue T.O? Can The Bears Catch The Sliding Lions? The Truth About Martz… Does Coaching Make a... Read more »

Remembering: Richard Dent, Recent HOF Inductee

When Richard Dent was drafted by the Bears in 1983 (8th round, 203th overall), once again it was my dear brother Tim who broke the news to me.  I was just starting in retail management and was working “long” hours at the time.  Honestly, the Bears were the least on my mind at that point... Read more »

Anarchy From Without, Or From Within.....

Day-by-day I read more and more “negative” articles about Jay Cutler, the Bears front office, Lovie Smith (on how he handled Cutler’s injury), tweets from current and former players, and then how Chicagoans are “wimps” just like Cutler (see Tribune article).  Damn, can it get any worst? If I understand things correctly, I gather that... Read more »

Ditka Firm On His Pick In Favor Of Bears, Remembers The Depth Of This Rivalry

Dan Pompei wrote yet another “great” article in the tribune, “affirming” coach Ditka’s choice in favor of the Bears this Sunday (see article).  The article also recounts some of the “low-blow” tactics that the Cheese-Heads utilized during the years when Ditka was coach.  It was even mentioned how Ditka and ex-Packer head coach Forest Gregg... Read more »

Telling It "Like-It-Is"...

Whenever I look for some “hard-charging” “cutting-edge” “on-the-level” comments, I go straight to Steve Rosenbloom.  Steve is a straight from the hip, and a “no-nonsense” writer, and He’s right on the mark once again.  The Bears should dare Rodgers to beat them, and shut-down their “smoke & mirrors” running game (see Rosenbloom’s article). Another fact... Read more »

Bears - Packers: The Tale Of The Tape...

Ok, let’s give a “brief” but concise breakdown of where these two team stand.  We will rate the teams as follows: Offense:  A draw – The Bears can run the ball against GB despite the weaknesses on their O-Line. The Packers don’t, nor have they ever had a running game to speak-of in their games... Read more »

Come-On Bear Fans, "SHAKE" The Lake!!!!

For the past two weeks, Bill and I have seen a huge increase in our listership for our show “The Chicago Bear Talk Forum“.  First and foremost, I want to thank EVERYONE that has been a part if this increase in numbers, and to remind you that our show is FOR-YOU BEAR FANS.  So don’t... Read more »

Jets In "Panic" Mode - May Play Sanchez With Severely Injured Shoulder

Sanchez may start this Sunday, But “time” is not on His side. Let’s be real folks, if the Jets are willing to play Sanchez with a “torn” cartilage Recent reports have left HC Ryan looking like a clown in his shoulder (against the team that may have ended Brett Farve’s career), then they must be... Read more »

We Are, Who We Thought We Were...

Viking Fans Respond In Force After a nightmarish performance against the Pats last week, the Bears Minn. Worked Day & Night To Prepare The Field responded with 40-14 “drubbing” of the depleted Vikings in the cold of TCF Bank Stadium.  I do however, want to “tip-my-hat” to those faithful Viking fans who came-out in force... Read more »