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Bear Report's Current Issue, "A-Hit"!!!!

If you haven’t subscribed to The Chicago Bear Report magazine by now, by ALL means I suggest you do.  Editor John Crist and crew definitely hit this one “out-of-the-park” with the current April issue. Crist and his team opened with the cover story about Jay Cutler, and why he’s pretty much created his own dilemma... Read more »

TCF Field Furer Continues, But Do We Need To Hear About-It?

Work Continues At TCF. Players are continuing to make their case against the conditions in TCF Bank Stadium’s Field. The latest being Lance Briggs.  Truthfully, do we really need to stop reporting and harping on this issue?  Their are plenty of people who are working around the clock to get Gophers Metrodomes Crappy Roof. Field... Read more »

Is It Time For Chicago To Finally Stop Celebrating The '85 Bears!?

Let me answer quickly, and cut right to the chase; NO!!! In this month’s cover story of The Bear Report, editor at large John M. Crist writes a cover article which could not have come at the WORST of times.  John, we just blew two win-able home games to two substandard teams.  Our franchise “stud”... Read more »