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Jim McMahon "Rips" Jay Cutler? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday the “Bleacher-Report” threw out a story claiming that former Bears QB Jim McMahon “ripped” Jay Cutler and the Bear organization for how they handled Cutler’s knee injury during the NFC Title Game back in January. Let’s face-it folks, when it comes to Jim McMahon, the “Punky QB” has “never been at a loss... Read more »

The Chicago Bear, Coaching Conundrum Pt.2

Hampton at HOF Induction In part one, we ended with the coaching regime of Neil Armstrong who only made the post season one time in four seasons. We also made mention of the Singletary & Wife @ HOF fact that the only positive thing that came out of the Armstrong administration was Buddy Ryan, but... Read more »

Should Jay Cutler Hit-The-Road????

Today’s Bleacher Report had an article from one of it’s contributors (Shelly Singhal), which detailed “10 Reasons Why Jay Cutler Needs To Go” (see article).  Well, after over 1300 reads and 24 comments, I got the impression that not everyone in Chicago are in favor of #6 packing his bags. Cutler has been with us... Read more »

Remembering: Jim McMahon "The-Punky-QB"...

With all the “hoopla” surrounding our current QB Jay Cutler, what better time would there be to fondly remember “The Punky QB” Jim McMahon (check Wikipedia for a full-profile). I did this memory piece a bit different (and more extensive), because of what McMahon accomplished in such a short time, and the fact that “I... Read more »

Cutler Makes "Case" Against Playing Surface In TCF Bank Stadium

In a tribune article today, franchise QB Jay Cutler says His peace “against” the playing Vikings Fans & Mascot Join In The Effort surface at The Gophers Stadium.  The chatter has been so bad that even player reps Hunter Hillenmeyer and Robbie Gould’s names were mentioned (see article). Now we know who set-the-tone on the... Read more »